How to get an invitation to Forocoches (2024)

Forocoches is one of the most important Spanish-speaking forums in the world. Created in Spain back in 2003, Forocoches has a user base of 800,000 registered users and more than 17 million unique visitors every month.

Although its name may lead to confusion, it is not a site dedicated to the automotive sector, quite the contrary: although it has several sections dedicated to the world of motoring, Forocoches has more than 5 million diverse topics, ranging from politics, through Internet phenomena and adult content of all kinds. However, if there is one thing it is known for in the general public, it is its epic, galactic-caliber trolling.

How to get an invitation to register on Forocoches

If you’ve ever logged into Forocoches you’ll have noticed that many of the hottest or juiciest topics are only available to registered users. If all you want is to browse the forum without limitations you will need a user to access all the content, but that’s not all, because by logging in with a user advertising on the web will also be reduced and we will have other extra privileges such as private messaging, notices and the ability to participate in the forum, which in the end is what it’s all about.

One of the factors that give this aura of mystery to the forum is the exclusivity of it, and is that we can only register in Forocoches by invitation. Invitations are scarce, and we could almost say that it is easier to get a PS5 nowadays than to get an invitation to join Forocoches.

Forocoches Newsletter

This is currently the easiest way to get an invitation to Forocoches. Every week the Forocoches newsletter sends an email with the most useful and popular threads of the forum, plus 20 invitations for the fastest to redeem them.

We must emphasize the point about being the fastest, as the invitation codes sell out in a heartbeat. Also, these invitations usually come “encrypted” making the process of getting them a bit more difficult and fun, so keep a cool head if you don’t want to mess up!


When there is any active campaign to get invitations they also usually notify you through their Telegram channel. Yesterday, January 17, for example, they announced a promo with a draw for 40 invitations for those who subscribe to the newsletter of a digital business website.

As we say, this kind of campaigns are rare and unusual, but when they come out, this is one of the fastest methods to be informed.

Social networks

The administrators of Forocoches usually distribute invitations on their social networks Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We just have to keep an eye on what they post, but the truth is that so far in 2022 they have hardly given away any invitations through these platforms. The only one that seems to have some activity as far as invitations are concerned is their Instagram profile, so it seems the most interesting place right now.

Until last year you could also get invitations on YouTube and on the social networks of Electrik, founder of Forocoches, although activity on these platforms has been down for months now and codes are no longer being shared through these channels.

Get an invitation through a friend

Finally, if you have a friend or acquaintance who is registered on Forocoches you can ask them to review their panel. Some users often receive invitations to give away, although they are very rare and not all users receive them.

Don’t buy invitations on buying and selling sites.

From the administration of Forocoches make it clear: the sale of invitations is strictly forbidden. Surely you have seen people selling invitations on buying and selling sites like eBay, Milanuncios, Wallapop and the like. It is best to avoid this type of “business” as these invitations are usually fake or stolen, and those that are not, end up being canceled as soon as they are detected.

In short, if we want to get an invitation from Forocoches the best thing to do is to subscribe to their newsletter, and be especially attentive to their Instagram and Telegram channel. In the latter, invitations are not very frequent, but one or another usually falls from time to time.