How To Play With My Friends On The Internet Without Having The Same Console

Learn how to play with my friends on the Internet without having the same console. The catalog of games on different platforms is very varied, but the problem is that many users want to play with their friends even if they do not have the same console but the same game.

Fortunately, many developers have come to an agreement and it is possible to use what is called crossplay to bring together different users in the same room with only one essential requirement: playing the same game. If you are looking for that link with your friends, these are the titles you need to play.

What is crossplay?

We have accustomed you to know how to use different features of your consoles and to take a look at the best proposals that have the catalogs that each company offers you.

But it is a fact that one of the things you want to do only and exclusively with a console is to play with your friends over the Internet.

And the fact is that local multiplayer game seems to be a function in disuse because everyone plays from home and therefore, developers have thought of a way to bring all players together.

The solution is crossplay, a feature that only some games use in which you can play with your friends even if each one has a different platform. That way, everyone plays with the progress of their account without having to buy the same console.

The best games you can play with crossplay for free

Of course, we will try to make this list as tight as possible to all budgets. And there are online games to play with friends remotely that are also free, so you can not only spend an afternoon playing to the fullest, but also you will not have to pay a euro in most cases.

Let’s move on to the list. It would be discarded Pokémon Unite, because although it is free you can only play if you have a Nintendo Switch or a tablet to play.


One of the jewels of Epic Games. Fortnite is one of the games to play with friends on different platforms.

What began as a game designed to avoid waves of zombies by building a fort, has become the reflection of many with its ‘battle royale’ format in which all participants face each other either individually or in teams, to get a masterful victory.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision has one of the most important licenses in the world of video games: Call of Duty.

In its latest version called Warzone everyone can play without spending a euro and also fight as in Fortnite from a subjective point of view. Try to survive inside the gas circle, use the missions to gain experience and kill your enemies as soon as possible.

Rocket League

Another of the best games to play with friends in crossplay is Rocket League. And is that soccer games can be fun, but when it comes to playing this sport with cars equipped with nitrous oxide is another thing.

You will have to get cars and use them to adapt to the team that you play or that you want to build with your friends.


League of Legends is one of the most fashionable games and, as expected, it has many competitors. One of them is SMITE, which has the same format but with its own differences.

The first is that it is a game that has the possibility of playing crossplay and the second is that instead of having original characters at your disposal, all of them are based on characters from the different mythologies of the world.

Street Fighter V

One of the most famous arcade games is Street Fighter. Capcom’s title has had many installments but the last one, which has been catalogued as the fifth, brings new fighters with new definitive movements with which to turn any combat around.

The good thing is that you can share these “piques” with your friends, no matter what console they have.


Overwatch is one of Blizzard’s newest titles and it has its own competitor called Paladins.

Each champion has certain characteristics that will allow you to transport a load from point A to point B. You will be able to get chromatic aspects with which you can change the appearance of the characters and you can get them by playing or going through the cashier.

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