How To Get The Potion To Fly In Adopt Me For Free

We tell you everything you need to know about how to get the flying potion in Adopt Me for free.

Getting an effect with the player or pet is one of the most fun things in Adopt Me! These effects are obtained through potions. Today we tell you all about how to get the flying potion in Adopt Me for free.

Adopt Me is one of the star games in the Roblox multiplayer platform and it is also one of the games with the most players. Every month more than 50 million users connect to Adopt Me.

Among the main objectives of Adopt Me are taking care of babies and pets, building and designing your player’s house and also interacting with other players, making friends and getting gifts.

Adopt Me also has a lot of actions that make your player’s interaction within the world more fun. In addition to those that are part of taking care of your pet such as feeding, showering, etc., you can also add others that give a magical effect to your character or your pet. These are applied through potions.

One of the most desired potions is the one that allows your pet to fly. Once acquired it allows your pet to fly forever within the game. The flying potion can be purchased in the Potion Shop which is near the baby store and playground and next to the premium plots.

But if there is one thing about this potion that makes it so desirable, it is that it is the most expensive potion available. It is priced at 295 Robux. If you want to know if you can get it in another way, below we tell you everything about how to get the potion to fly in Adopt Me for free.

The first thing you should know is that, at the moment, there is no automatic way to know how to get the potion to fly in Adopt Me for free. There are videos on the net that say that by passing mini games or performing a series of actions with the pet you can finally get to the potion store and get the option to fly for free. So far none of these hacks work.

How To Get The Adopt Me Ride Potion For Free

Now that you know everything about how to get the potion to fly in Adopt Me for free, we also tell you if there is a way to get the potion to ride in Adopt Me for free.

The potion to mount a pet in Adopt Me costs 150 Robux in the potion store. Once you give it to the pet it becomes mountable and you can get on your character and ride your pet around the world of Adopt Me. Along with the flying potion it is one of the most desired potions in the game and is also the second most expensive.

As with the flying potion, there is no quick and automatic way to find out how to get the riding potion in Adopt Me for free.

How To Get Free Potions In Adopt Me

In addition to the flying and riding potion there are many other potions, we explain how to get free potions in Adopt Me.

There are potions that you can get for free in gifts or if there are in-game events. Among these potions is the snowflake potion, the teleportation potion or the heal all potion that you can get in events that are organized in the game at Christmas.

Other potions that can be obtained are the ones that you can get by simply paying bucks. The bucks can be obtained as a gift or reward if you enter every day in the game and also every ten minutes the game gives you a check of bucks for taking care of the baby or pet.

Among the cheapest potions with bucks are the big head potion worth 40 bucks or the hyper speed potion worth 80 bucks. You can buy the potion cauldron by clicking on “edit house” and then clicking on “Stuff” and “rare”.

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