How to make an Audio on TikTok in 2024

If you want to succeed in this social network, you must know how to make audio on TikTok and, who knows, go viral…

Knowing how to make audio on TikTok can be the key to success in one of the most downloaded applications of the moment and that has more and more users who consume its content non-stop. 90% of them use the app once a day and play an average of one billion videos. Nothing more and nothing less.

But if you are a user of the social network you will know that many times, we find repeated content… If you want to be more original in what you publish, we tell you how to make audio in Tiktok so that it can be used by other profiles and, perhaps, go viral.

How to upload an audio to TikTok in 2021

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There are several ways to do it, below we tell you how to upload audio to TikTok in 2021 in a simple way.

The easiest way to do it is to record a video directly from TikTok, in which you talk, listen to music in the background, or whatever the content you want to upload. To do this, enter the application, click on the plus symbol (which you will see in some of the following images) located in the inner center, and press the big red button to start recording.

You can also create a post with a video you have previously downloaded to your phone, as shown in the following image:

By uploading original content on TikTok other people, or even you will be able to use that audio to create other videos or make dubs. But, for the audio snippet to be just the way you want it, take note of the following point.

How to edit audio in TikTok

You may just want a part of a song you like, overlay sounds, or add some other effect, for that you need to know how to edit audio in TikTok. Let’s go step by step:

If you want to edit the sound directly from a video, there are three icons you have to look at: the musical note, to increase or decrease the volume; the voice effects, and the voice-over to record another sound on top of the one already contained in the video image.

If you want to edit a fragment of the audio that comes from a previously downloaded video (as explained above), you can select the exact fragment you want and also superimpose the voice.

Once you have uploaded the content publicly, your audio can be used by other TikTok users. Something that you can also do yourself. Let’s continue.

How to make a dubbing in TikTok

This is one of the most viral trends of the social network, so if you still do not know how to make a dubbing in TikTok, you’re late… The steps you have to follow are these:

  • Enter the application and select the video you want to dub.
  • Click on the little circle at the bottom right.
  • On the next screen, click on “Use sound”.
  • The camera of your cell phone will open and the audio will start to be heard, that’s when you have to move your lips.
  • A trick: if it goes too fast, there is an option to modify the speed of the sound so that the dubbing is perfect.

Another way to make dubbing in TikTok, a bit more complex, is the following:

  • Access the application and press the + to upload content.
  • Click on the musical note at the top, where it says “Add sound”.
  • In the next screen select “My sound”, and a list will appear with many audios available in Tiktok.
  • When you find the one you are looking for, select it. The application will take you directly to the camera and the moment you start recording your video, the audio you have selected will play in the background

To download the Audio check out our guide to download TikTok Audio

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