How to make someone an Administrator in Telegram

We tell you how to add new administrators to your Telegram group or channel easily.

If you are in a Telegram group or channel and you need someone to help you manage it you should know how to make someone an administrator in Telegram.

500 million users worldwide already use Telegram to communicate. The application, although still below WhatsApp continues to have exponential growth in recent years.

Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications for broadcasting messages to large audiences. In addition to the typical chats where you can send text messages, images, or videos, Telegram also has groups and channels that allow broader communication.

In these groups and channels, there is the figure of administrators. These administrators are the owners of any group or channel and are also the ones who organize it and help communication to occur in harmony and order.

Administrators have the power to remove subscribers, add new members in the case of private groups or channels, edit the group or channel information concerning its name or image or link, delete any message or delete the channel altogether.

In addition, an administrator can add more administrators to assist in the management of the group or channel. Today we tell you one of these functions, how to make someone an administrator in Telegram, something very useful if you do not have enough in the organization of your Telegram channel or group.

how to make a channel administrator in Telegram

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The first thing you need to know before knowing How to make someone an administrator in Telegram is that there is a maximum number of 50 administrators per group or channel.

To know how to make channel admin in Telegram the first thing you have to do if you are the owner of the channel or group is to log into the app and go to that channel. Within the chat window click on the name of the group that you have at the top of the screen.

A series of options will appear from which you must choose “Administrators” and then choose “add administrator”. The list of members of that channel will be displayed, from there you have to choose the one you want to be the new administrator.

Then you have to set the permissions you want the administrator to have. You can allow him to edit channel information, publish messages, edit messages from others, delete messages from others, add subscribers, manage voice chats and you can also decide if you want him to be able to add new administrators or not. Once you have all the permissions configured click on “Done”.

how to be an anonymous administrator in telegram

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Now that you know how to make someone an administrator on Telegram we are going to explain another way to be an anonymous administrator on the platform.

Being an anonymous administrator in Telegram allows you to write in a group, but instead of your name appearing as the person who posted the message, what appears is the name of the group.

To be an anonymous administrator the first thing you have to do is once you have created your group enter it and click on the group name that appears at the top of the screen. Now you must go to administrators and tap on each of the names to edit the permissions they have as administrator.

Among that list of permissions there is an option that is “Be anonymous” if you slide the controller to the right, that administrator will write messages under the group name. If you do not do this, if it remains red, the messages that you publish will be under your name.

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