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If you use both instant messaging apps, learn how to send Telegram messages to WhatsApp.

There are many users who, depending on the moment or the person they are talking to, use Telegram or WhatsApp. But there are times when we get a message through one of the two instant messaging tools and we want to send it to a person who only uses the other. Then, we wonder how to Send Telegram Message to WhatsApp.

The reality is that neither of the two applications has a button that allows us to share the messages sent to us with users of other platforms. That is if you try to forward a message that you have received on Telegram, all the contacts you have on Telegram itself will appear as options, but not those people you only have on WhatsApp. Does this mean that it is impossible to send a message that you have received on Telegram via WhatsApp? Not exactly. We simply have to take a little bigger detour.

How to share a Telegram message

Telegram to Whatsapp Message

If you’re wondering how to share a Telegram message on another instant messaging app, the answer is simply by copying and pasting the text. To do this you will have to press and hold on to the message you want to forward and then the icon with two squares that will appear above.

Subsequently, you will have to go to WhatsApp and open the chat with the person with whom you want to share Telegram to Whatsapp Message. In the space to write, tap and hold your finger pressed for a few seconds. Then click on the Paste option and you will see the text that you had previously copied from Telegram. Thus, you will be sharing the content of the messages that have reached you on one platform with users with whom you only communicate on the other.

How to send videos from Telegram to WhatsApp

If what you want is to learn how to send videos from Telegram to WhatsApp, you’ll be pleased to know that the process is much simpler. And is that, when you just tap on a message in which they have sent you a video, you will see a share button at the bottom. When you press on it, you will see all the applications you have on your smartphone will appear, including WhatsApp. If you click on the WhatsApp button, you can choose the person you want to send the message to, so that they also receive the video.

This option will also allow you to share the videos you receive via Telegram on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

How to send Telegram photos to WhatsApp

If what you want is to know how to send photos from Telegram to WhatsApp, the process is exactly the same as for sending a video. You will have to click on the photo, then hit the share button and select the WhatsApp option.

Another option to send photos and videos from Telegram to WhatsApp or any other platform is to keep in mind that when we download them they are saved in the gallery of our smartphone. From the gallery, we can always share them via the application we want, so it’s a bit longer way to get to the same point.

The process can also be done in reverse. That is, if we have been sent a message by WhatsApp and we want to share it with a Telegram user, the process is the same as how to send messages from Telegram to WhatsApp but in reverse.

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