How To Put A Long Video On Whatsapp Status | Easy Guide

WhatsApp statuses arrived a few years ago as the integration of Instagram Stories to the messaging app. However, its reception was not very positive, since they lost in the process the real statuses that reminded many of MSN Messenger. For this reason, Meta was able to backtrack and now the two functions coexist. But today it’s our turn to look at the most recent one and tell you about a trick with which you can put a long video in WhatsApp status.

How to upload a video to WhatsApp statuses

As we told you before, WhatsApp and Instagram share a very similar feature which is the use of the so-called stories.

They are not called the same everywhere, but it is true that it is a very widespread format of which Snapchat is an expert.

But today’s topic does not leave the Menlo Park house because we are going to tell you how to put a long video in the WhatsApp status.

You may not have noticed, or you just enter little in this part of the application, but the truth is that you have a section to share with the rest of the world a small moment that has happened to you, or a simple video that you want everyone to see.

That’s what WhatsApp States are all about, which you can upload by following the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to “States”.
  • Use either of the two buttons on the bottom left to create your status.
  • At this point, the pencil button is used to create a story with just text and a colored background.

The other option we need to look at is just below, which is the one that comes with a camera.

This is the one that allows you to take a picture and upload it, although you can also select a file from the gallery.

How to upload long videos to WhatsApp

It seems easy to put a long video in the WhatsApp status because of what we have told you before, right?

However there is a small “but”, as the platform only lets you upload videos of a maximum of 30 seconds each.

This means that somehow you will have to cut them and for that you may need the help of an external app.

For that you can use any of the applications to edit videos from your mobile, since all you need to see is the time that each part has and cut it into pieces of 30 seconds.

But if what you want is simply to make cuts without the need to do more editing than that, you just have to download any of the following applications that we are going to recommend.

  • VideoSplitter
  • SplitVideo
  • WhatsCut

All three serve to set a time range in which you can cut a video into parts of less than 30 seconds and you can publish them on WhatsApp.

You just have to choose the video, select the range and give the cut between the different parts between which it will be divided.

Of course, the rest is as simple as you can imagine, since it consists of sending the video in parts to the WhatsApp status.

Of course, be careful with the order in which you upload it, lest by some chance you upload the video with the parts out of order.

If that happens do not worry, as you can delete the WhatsApp status and publish the different parts again.

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