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Looking for a way to solve more than one word a day? Find out how to play WORDLE in other languages.

Knowing how to speak other languages is an advantage even to continue playing the trendy game, because in this article we are going to tell you how to play WORDLE in other languages. The simplicity of the viral phenomenon of the year from a programming point of view has made it possible to have versions available in several languages. Try your luck and test your wits to guess the word of the day in as many versions as you can.

How To Play Wordle In English

Those who are more versed in Shakespeare’s language don’t have to do much juggling to find out how to play WORDLE in English. Just go to to try your luck. Just remember that you can’t use the word FARTS.  

How To Play Wordle In Basque

The Talaios cooperative makes it easy for us to play WORDLE in Basque. For this purpose they created the website, accessible from PC and mobile through any browser, so that we can also try to overcome this challenge in this co-official language.

How To Play Wordle In Galego

It has not only happened with Basque. How to play WORDLE in Galician is already a reality. Abraham Rodríguez adapted the game based on the Spanish version and many Galicians are already sharing their results on a daily basis. Enter and solve the word of the day before anyone else.

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How To Play Wordle In Catalan

The developer Gerard López solved the doubt about how to play WORDLE in Catalan by creating the adaptation in this language in his website This version may be one of the most complicated, according to the comments posted on Twitter by those who face the challenge of the five-letter word every morning.

How To Play Wordle In French

The new versions are not limited only to the English co-official languages. If you want to know how to play WORDLE in French, go to and enjoy the most addictive game of 2022.

How To Play Wordle In Italian

Do you speak Italian like no one else? Try how to play WORDLE in Italian with Pietro Peterlongo’s adaptation. Parole, with the Italian flag instead of the ‘o’ is the particular name with which this new version has been baptized, accessible on the website

How To Play Wordle In Chinese

Looking for really strong emotions? Then abandon all hope and dive into how to play WORDLE in Chinese. There are already versions in this language on the web, such as the website, where hardcore WORDLE lovers take their passion for this game to a new level of demand.

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