How to put someone as a moderator on my Twitch channel?

Find out how to put someone as a moderator on my Twitch channel. The Twitch social network is being widely used, since this platform is very easy to use for Streaming. However, its administrators sometimes need moderators to carry out their activities, in relation to the chats. If you are one of the users who want to place a moderator in your channel, continue reading because below we will help you to do it.

What are the functions of a moderator on Twitch?

Moderators are in charge of many activities in the chats they are managing, among the most outstanding you can get the following:

Expelling or banning users.

When a follower of the chat that a moderator is in charge of breaks a rule (created by the moderator) he can expel or ban him, it is the best option that a moderator can take to keep order in the chat, to achieve this expulsion the moderator has to place in the chat the command /disable (user name) in the middle of the brackets the name of the user you want to expel.

Configuring chat modes

The moderator of a channel should be responsible for ensuring that the chat of a streamer is reliable, fun, fair and friendly for each of the followers of the channel, to achieve this the moderator must create rules and place them in the chat, so that every time a new user enters the channel he/she knows them, accepts them and follows them.

It is important that the moderator emphasizes in the rules that he/she creates, that if a user does not follow them, he/she may be banned or permanently expelled from the chat.

Poll control

The moderators of the channels can create and have control of the polls, if you are a moderator and want to create a poll the first thing to do is to enter the Control Panel, once inside you must find the option Control Panel create, then you must click on the + icon located at the top of the new window.

After you do the previous thing you must press in Create new survey, a new page will be opened to you in which you must place the questions of the survey, also you must indicate the duration of this one, when you finish the configuration you must press in Begin survey.

Another way to create surveys is directly from the chat, in it you must place the command /pool and then send it as a message, this action will make the settings of a new survey, you must fill them as in the previous way.

Prediction management

The moderators manage the predictions of the activities that will be carried out in the accounts, these should be reported in the chats.

How can I make someone a moderator within Twitch?

In your account you can have several moderators, this depends on the amount of people that are in your live, the more people the more moderators to control the chat, to place someone as moderator is very simple, here we will show you how to do it:

From the control panel: the first thing to do is to enter the official Twitch page or application, enter your account information. Within the social network open the menu to achieve this you must click on the icon of your profile, in the menu you opened you will find the control panel of the creator, click on it.

After you do the above you will be shown a new page, on the side there are several options among them is the Community option, select it, then also select the option Feature Manager.

A pop-up window will open in which you will find the option Add a role, click on it, in the search bar you must place the name of the person you want as moderator of your channel, this must be reliable if you do not have one so you must invite a person who is and invite him to create an account on Twitch.

From the chat: from the chat you can also define a person as moderator, it is very simple the first thing you must do is enter your Twitch account, then look for the chat and place /mod (user name) between the brackets you must place the user name, then press the enter key and that’s it.

How to activate the automatic moderation in Twitch?

In Twitch you can activate the automatic moderation option better known as Automod, this is responsible for applying algorithms that analyzes all messages in a chat and identifies the discriminatory, dangerous, rude and harassing, automatically blocks them and does not allow them to reach the chat, to activate the automatic moderator performs the following:

  • Log in to your Twitch account, from any browser. featured or from the application.
  • Open the Creator Panel, to do this you must click on the icon of your profile located at the top, then click on the Creator Panel option.
  • In the new window click on the Settings option.
  • Now click on the Preferences option and then on Moderate.
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