How to fix not init error in Genshin Impact? – Startup problems

Learn how to fix not init error in Genshin Impact. The game Genshin Impact is an open world action ARPG in which you will be able to explore without limits things like dungeons, secrets and new experiences to live.

However, lately the users of the game present a peculiar error that sometimes becomes uncomfortable, since this error appears when opening the game and running it, here you will see some solutions to avoid this error and enjoy the game without inconveniences.

Why does the error ‘not init’ appear in Genshin Impact?

The error that appears in the game Genshin Impact appears on the startup screen when you open the game. Generally, the cause or reason for the error is due to the incorrect download of a file.

Specifically, it is an information download file which has failed, although in several occasions this inconvenience tends to appear randomly, since it does not happen all the time and this reason is what makes it annoying. The ‘not init’ error occurs at the least expected moment when accessing the game.

How to solve the ‘not init’ error in Genshin Impact?

If you are currently experiencing this error, here you can find some useful solutions and execute the one that best suits your situation. Since the ‘not init’ error started, it is known that each user is served by a different method, here you will see some of the most common and functional solutions to fix the problem and you can enjoy this wonderful open world game.

Restart the game

The first solution consists of restarting the video game, which will be useful no matter what device you use. What you will have to do is to exit the game completely without leaving it running in the background.

When you close the game completely it will restart, you will have to wait a few minutes for the platform to recognize the error and then correct it by itself. After waiting a prudent time, open again the video game Genshin Impact, if you performed the procedure correctly, the ‘not init’ error should have disappeared and allow you to play successfully.

If at the end of the procedure you do not get the expected results, you will have to restart the device once again to allow any open programs in the game to close completely and start from scratch to fix the ‘not init’ error.

Check that the update is complete

In case the above solution does not give the expected results it may be due to another type of problem in the game, it is possible that the ‘not init’ error is related to the lack of updates. The best thing to do is to check that all updates are correctly found in the game.

If you notice any failure in this area you will have to manually update it to the corresponding version. In the worst case you will be forced to uninstall the game and reinstall it, to allow it to be installed in an updated and complete way.

A good recommendation when reinstalling it is to have a good and stable internet connection, keeping the device turned on and avoiding any inconvenience to interrupt the download in a smooth way.

Go to Genshin Impact official account

If the ‘not init’ error still persists, go to the official Genshin Impact account, so that when you enter you can download the game again, since the reason for the error is that you have a very old version of the game and you can download the latest and correct version.

This procedure leads to the previous step, which was to uninstall and redownload the game as it is one of the most accurate solutions, since all the faults are solved and you can enjoy this game.

What to do if no game resources were found and ‘not init’ continues to appear in Genshin Impact?

If the game resources are not found to solve the ‘not init’ error you will have to execute the following procedure, which consists of pressing the right button of the mouse on the shortcut of the game.

Then go to ‘Open file location’ and look for the folder ‘Genshin Impact Game’. In the folder, click on the .exe file and run the game from this file, since this way you will skip the launcher and the game will be able to run correctly without any problem.

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