Whatsapp Download Failed: Sorry This File Could Not Be Found

Why Whatsapp download failed. When we get WhatsApp download failed it can cause us some problems with media files. We help you to fix them.

When we are sent a photo or video by WhatsApp, they are usually downloaded automatically the moment we click on it. You can even configure the app to download them automatically. But sometimes we also encounter a message WhatsApp download failed.

This message usually appears when we do not have enough storage space on our smartphone. Therefore, it is impossible to perform the download because there is no place to save the photo or video that has been sent to us. When this happens, the multimedia items are not downloaded automatically even if we have that setting. And if we try to download them manually we get that error message.

The solution, therefore, is quite simple. You will simply need to delete some items to free up space and make room for the new files.

Sorry, This File Does Not Exist In Your Storage

It is possible that, when you try to send a photo, you get an error message saying “Sorry, this file does not exist in your storage”.

This problem appears mostly on Xiaomi mobiles, and is due to a small bug in the application. It is usually solved by simply clearing the cache. To do this you must press and hold the WhatsApp icon, click on App info>Clear data>Clear cache.

If it doesn’t work, try syncing your app account again. To do this go to Settings>Accounts & Sync>WhatsApp. Press the More icon and press the Sync Now option. In case it still does not work, we recommend you try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it from the Google Play Store. Normally, doing so will solve the problem.

Problems With Whatsapp Media Files

Problems with WhatsApp media files are not always related to lack of storage or problems within the application. On numerous occasions it is implement a problem with the Internet connection. If you are in a place with poor data coverage and if the WiFi network you are connected to is not too strong, you may not be able to download files normally.

Also make sure that your phone has the date and time set correctly. Otherwise, it will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp servers and the files will not be downloaded correctly. It is also possible that you have activated the read mode, in which case you will not be able to download anything. And sometimes the error can also be found on the SD card, which may be corrupted and not able to store files.

How To Recover Whatsapp Photos After Failed Download Error

Once you have found the cause of the failure and resolved it, you may wonder how to recover WhatsApp photos after failed download error. In case you haven’t deleted the message in which the media file was included, you won’t need to do anything special. Simply click on the file in the same way as you would do to download it for the first time. If the failure that caused it not to download normally has been fixed, the photo, video or audio file sent to you will download without any problems.

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