How to search for messages in my WhatsApp chats iPhone version?

Find out how to search for messages in my WhatsApp chats. Surely you have had the need to search for a message among your WhatsApp chats, but you do not get it easily. This function of being able to search and highlight messages that is of great importance to us and has become very useful, and even, in some cases necessary, since we have the possibility to return to see these messages later if we wish.

Besides that it is a way to save the messages in the chat of the person who is; now, there is a way to do it on iPhone that is somewhat different from the conventional way to which we are accustomed, then we will tell you how you can do it.

What is the procedure to perform a search for messages in WhatsApp on iOS?

In order to locate a message from your WhatsApp chats you just have to follow the following steps, first, open the WhatsApp app and access the chats tab, then slide the list of chats down, in this way the search engine will appear at the top.

Third step, type the words you want to search, and there the search engine will show you the words found in the chats, according to what you wrote, then click on the result you need.

In this way, WhatsApp will take you to the chat and highlight the message, so it will be easier to find it, in case this is not the chat, you just have to go back and search among the other results.

In all your chats

The previously mentioned way is to search for the messages we want in a general way, that is, in all your chats, just follow the steps and you will be able to find all the highlighted messages you want.

We recommend you to search the chat by keywords, this way, the search will be much easier. This method can also be used to search for audios in WhatsApp.

To do it in a single chat

Recently in the latest update of WhatsApp, you can search for your messages within a particular conversation, so it is easier to find the highlighted messages without taking us to other conversations that are not the ones we are looking for.

These steps can also work if what you want to search for is a sticker, but you will have to have it added to your collection.

To perform a search in a particular chat, you just have to do the following, open the WhatsApp app, access the conversation you want to search, then click on the name of the chat you want to access the information.

Then, tap on the search option found within the chat, in this way, the search engine will be displayed and you just have to type the word you want to search.

How can you keep the results of your search in WhatsApp on iPhone?

To be able to keep the results of your search on WhatsApp from your iPhone, you must take into account that there are two very simple ways and the only ones that are accessible, since there is no way that in the search engine as such, the words you searched for remain.

This is because it is not a search engine like Google or any other application such as Instagram or Facebook, however, the two options are as follows.

Highlighting posts

The first way to keep the search results, is going to be highlighting the messages that are most important to us in the chat, you just have to, open the chat, find the message then leave it pressed.

Finally click on the star that appears and ready, in this way you can highlight the messages you want in some important chat of your WhatsApp, this way is quite similar to the one that Android has to highlight messages.

Taking screenshots

The second way to keep the search results, is a bit external, since it goes a little outside the WhatsApp application, and it is to take screenshots, the chat and the conversation you want in which you will find the messages you want to save.

You just have to enter the chat you want, go to the part of the conversation where are the messages or the message you want to save, and simply take a screenshot, and ready this will be saved on your mobile, specifically in your gallery or reel.

For when you need to see these messages you will know that you will have it saved in your images and if you do not want it to be deleted remember to upload this image to the cloud so that it is always safe, remember that you can also save the screenshots of the video calls if necessary.

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