How To See How Many Times My Profile Is Viewed On Whatsapp Plus

Find out how to see how many times my profile is viewed on Whatsapp Plus. Do you want to know if that person keeps stalking your profile? We show you how to see in WhatsApp Plus how many times they see my profile.

If you want to know if some person is excessively interested in you, you’re probably curious to know if they stalk your social networks. And one of the ways to get answers is to learn how to see in WhatsApp Plus how many times they see my profile, or even who does it.

WhatsApp in principle does not allow you to know how many times someone else has seen your profile. But for this we have the help of WhatsApp Plus. This is an unofficial WhatsApp MOD, which is a replica of the original, but with many new features that make it one of the best to use. Of course, we must be careful because as it is not official it is possible that you may encounter some problems with your profile. But if you have decided to take the risk, we will explain below how to find out who sees your profile and how much.

To do this you have to go to the option that says Online Contact, once you are there you will have to check the first of the options that says “Show Toast Contact” once checked you will have to select a notification tone from the one below.

Once you have done this, every time someone enters your profile you will receive a notification to let you know. This way you will be able to know if there are many people interested in you or if people are just chatting with you when it comes up. A good way to satisfy your curiosity.

Gbwhatsapp: Who Visits My Profile

Another MOD for WhatsApp that allows you to have some additional functions that we can not find in the original application is GBWhatsApp.

This application allows you to do some things that with the normal application is not possible. For example, we have the option to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously from the same application or customize the user interface. But among the most outstanding options is the possibility to improve privacy options, such as not being seen when you are writing.

In principle, the possibility of knowing who visits your profile is not among the possibilities of GBWhatsApp. Therefore, you would have to resort to a third application to access this feature. And the idea of GBWhatsApp with respect to privacy options is based on just the opposite: allowing you to hide some details so that others can not see them, rather than leaving information out in the open.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to use GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus at the same time, so you will have to choose between the advantages of one application or the other.

How To Find Out How Many Times A Person Looks At My Whatsapp

As we mentioned above, if you are wondering how to know how many times a person looks at my WhatsApp you will not be enough with the normal app of the messaging tool. You will need a special version like WhatsApp Plus or WhatsTracker. But it is important to be careful because in the terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp the use of these tools is not allowed.

The normal thing is that the only problem for the user is simply that sooner or later the tools stop working, without major implications.

But the reality is that WhatsApp has the ability to close your profile if you are not complying with the terms and conditions that you supposedly read and signed before you started using the application. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing an alternative app to know who is looking at your profile, we recommend that you first ask yourself if it is really worth it. If it is not something that interests you too much, it is best to leave it alone. But if you want you have the possibility of using WhatsApp Plus as we mentioned above. This way you will receive notifications every time someone enters your profile.