How To Download Google Maps For Free If It Doesn’t Appear On My Phone

Find out how to download Google Maps if you don’t have the app on your phone

The Google Maps application is one of the favorites of many mobile users to move around in private vehicles. The truth is that, although it is installed by default on many devices, others do not have it. See how to download Google Maps for free if it does not appear on my mobile.

Google Maps is a service developed and launched by Google in 2005 with which you can search and find exact locations of cities, businesses, hotels, etc.. In addition, you can know where you have parked your car or even get tips on how to move in these times of coronavirus.

Almost all cell phones that come with Android operating system have Google Maps installed by default. But there are other devices that do not come with this app so necessary for daily commuting. If you have bought a device and it does not come with the Maps platform, you may be wondering how to download Google Maps free if it does not appear on my mobile? We give you the answer, just follow the steps below.

To find out how to download Google Maps free if it does not appear on my mobile the first thing you have to do is enter from the mobile in the app store of your device. Then click on search mode or click on the top search box and type “Google Maps” and click enter. Then the search results will appear. Usually Google Maps will be the first result.

Then click on “get” or “install”. The download will start completely free of charge and then it will be installed. When finished in that same button will appear as “open”. Click on it to enter Google Maps and start using the app on your device.

How To Download Google Maps For Your Computer

We have already given you the answer to the question of how to download Google Maps for free if it does not appear on my mobile. Maybe what interests you is not this, but to know how to download Google Maps for the computer, you can also do it easily and quickly.

While it is true that Google Maps does not yet have an original version for PC, it can be downloaded through the Google Chrome browser. To do this you must open this browser on your computer and then enter Google. Then search for “Google Maps” and enter its official website.

When you enter you will see the map displayed on the screen. Now you must go to the address bar and then click on a computer icon with a down arrow. You will get a window asking you if you want to install the app. Click on “Install” and then you will see that the Google map appears independently in the browser, that means that you already have the app installed on your PC.

How To Use Google Maps On My Mobile Without Downloading The App

There are many users who do not want to download apps on the mobile to not occupy storage space or because they only use the platforms on rare occasions. If you are one of them with respect to Google Maps you may be wondering how to use Google Maps on my mobile without downloading the app? We give you all the instructions to do it whenever you need it.

To use Google Maps on your mobile without downloading the app you must open your phone’s web browser and then enter You will get a screen where you must choose “stay on the website”. From there you can start using the application. To save all the actions you take, click on the profile avatar and select your Gmail username and password.

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