How to send a free fax online and have it arrive safely?

When we talk about sending a fax, we know that it is a procedure which has changed over the years and more with the passage of technology, since today it is difficult to find people who have a machine of this type.

Therefore, it is much easier to send and receive faxes for free over the Internet, without having to rely on a machine to do so. Below, we will tell you the steps to follow to send a fax for free and reliably.

Which online sites are reliable for sending a fax?

You have several alternatives to send a fax online, you can opt for those that are free or those that are paid. On the other hand, when sending a fax online you should know that there are many fax services nowadays, but most of them have similar functions except for some limitations that will depend on each site.

After this you must register in the site you have decided to use (it is worth mentioning that in some pages it is not necessary to do so), you will enter your name, email address, as well as the fax number and the attached file.

In addition, you must follow the instructions on the page. Keep in mind that nowadays many of the platforms or sites to send faxes can be done through the Internet and mobile devices.

Free sites

As mentioned above, there are currently several sites to send faxes for free, either through the computer and your mobile device. Below, we will give you several options through which you can send faxes for free without complications.

First of all, we have HelloFax, one of the best known online services for some years now; it is also one of the pages that offers international sending and saves backup copies in its SkyDrive, in addition to this, as soon as you log in, it offers free sending.

Another option we bring for you is FaxZero, this service will allow you to send up to five faxes a day, in addition to sending up to three pages per fax, also has free service, however, has a size limit of 20MB.

There is also is one of many websites sponsored by ClicktoFax and as its name suggests it allows you to send faxes for free, as well as supporting the usual file types.

Finally, there is MyFax, another online faxing service, which also includes international faxing, although it is limited to two faxes per day of up to ten pages each, and by signing up for a trial period you can send 100 faxes to over 40 different countries.

In addition to the above mentioned sites, there are other free sites to send faxes, such as: PamFax, PopFax, even much better known tools such as Gmail and your email or Email.

Costly sites

One of the most reliable options to send faxes is called FAX.PLUS, it is a service to send and receive faxes through mobile devices and computers, despite being a paid platform, it has a free trial.

However, with FAX.PLUS, you can send faxes from your browser to more than 180 different countries, plus you get a local fax number from more than 40 countries to receive faxes online.

Do online faxing sites have a maximum limit of faxes per day?

The answer is yes, they do have a daily limit. This will also depend on the type of online service you use, for example, the MyFax site, has a limit of two faxes per day of up to ten pages each, as mentioned above this varies and depends on each site you want to use.

What is the maximum length of a fax that can be sent online?

Now that we know how online faxing works and some of the limitations it has, we must take into account the limitations on the length of the fax; an example of this is FaxZero, one of the options mentioned above, which has a size limit of 20MB. 

What are the advantages of sending faxes online?

Among the advantages of sending faxes online we have: it is a simple to use platform, it is not always necessary to subscribe, it has notifications via Chat, SMS or Email.

In addition, it can be sent to several recipients at the same time, it supports several types of files, you can preview the fax, and you can choose whether or not to print the document that arrives.

Ease and availability 24 hours a day for shipment.

You don’t need to have machines, a phone number or any software. Whether from your computer, mobile device or tablet, you can send or receive documents at any time and in any place, even in other countries. 

Continuous tracking of sending and receiving faxes

By sending a fax online, not only is it easier to keep track of it, but it is also an easier method to execute, it also has the facility to send anywhere you are, you can even make a location through Google Maps.

SMS alerts for sending faxes

Thanks to the use of Virtual Fax, you will receive programmed notifications via SMS, about the correct sending of your fax and in the case that the page you are using allows you to receive fax, you will also be notified, and nowadays you can be notified via Email if you wish.    

Undoubtedly, since the online fax became a fact, it is easier to send the documents that are required.

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