How can you send messages from Airbnb? | Guests and Hosts

Find out how can you send messages from Airbnb. Airbnb is one of the most popular platforms dedicated to tourism around the world. Whether you want to rent your apartment to a tourist or you are just passing through and want to rent a place for a very short period of time, or even to meet people online.

Today we will show you how to send messages within this platform so you can communicate with your future guest or host and get the most out of this service.

What do you have to do to send messages on Airbnb?

If you enter the Airbnb website you will notice that it allows you to search for available places in the city you are going to visit soon and you will be able to make adjustments in your search so you can find results closer to what you are looking for, which is a huge advantage.

However, you will not be able to contact the host of the house or apartment you are interested in if you are not a user of the platform.

You must have an Airbnb account

Having an Airbnb account is not complicated at all. You just need to go to the website and click on ‘Register’. You can register using your Google or Facebook account, your email address, your phone number or even your Apple ID (if you are an Apple user).

Once you have registered you will need to enter some additional information on the platform in order to start booking places for your stay.

You will be able to open a new thread with a host

As soon as you have completed your account information you will be able to ‘submit an accommodation inquiry’. This will automatically open a thread with your host, who will explain the details about the space you want to rent. These threads can be reviewed in the messages section of the platform.

What is the limit of messages that Airbnb allows?

When you open a thread with a host you must take into account that there is a limit of messages you can send within the platform, which would be 25 messages every 24 hours. This means that you will have to be as assertive as possible in terms of the information you request, because if you exceed the limit and still have any doubts you will have to wait 24 hours to ask for more information.

Why does Airbnb limit the number of messages you can send?

Airbnb prefers to keep a limit on conversations within its platform, as they consider that 25 messages a day are more than enough to exchange information about the places offered on the platform. Quite logical considering that the platform is not a social network.

How to send messages to your customers if you are a host?

Obviously, you will have to respond to your potential guests as soon as they contact you to ask you for information about your property as soon as possible.

Sometimes this can be a bit tedious, as it can become a very repetitive task. However, the platform has added tools to make the whole process less tedious – it’s almost like automating the whole process!

Schedule your messages

This feature can help you save quite a bit of time, especially if you receive messages and at the moment you’re not online or simply can’t reply to them. These messages are activated as soon as a code is detected within the chat, which you can add in the message settings so that the message is sent correctly.

To create a scheduled message go to the ‘Messages’ section and then to the ‘Scheduled messages’ option and click on ‘New message’. There you will be able to identify your message with a name, insert the codes and select the ads you want this message to apply to.

Create and send quick replies

If for some reason you don’t want to use the scheduled messages you can always reply manually and still save some time with quick replies so you don’t have to write the same message over and over again every time someone requires information about your ad.

The nice thing about this option is that you will be able to add codes so that the message is dynamically populated with the guest’s details, so you don’t have to worry about editing it before sending it. To create these quick replies

 you must go to messages, then to the folder menu and enter the ‘quick replies’ section. Then click on ‘new reply’ and proceed to create your quick reply.

Manage your messages

The platform also offers you the option to manage all your messages so that you can find them faster.

You will be able to mark your messages using the icons at the top of each conversation, whether you want to mark them as unread, mark them with a star or even archive them so that you can keep them in a more organized way.

How are messages archived on the Airbnb platform?

There are different ways to archive messages on Airbnb and each of these change depending on the device you are browsing from.

From an Android phone

In order to archive a message from an Android device you will need to access from your browser, as the application does not yet have this feature.

Once you have logged in from your mobile browser, you just need to go to messages and search for the message you want to archive, then slide the message to select the options and select ‘Archive’.

Archive your messages on an iPhone

To archive your messages on iPhone you will have to follow the same procedure as above, since the iOS application does not have the option to archive messages either.

In your computer browser

Log in to Airbnb and go to the messages section and select the thread you would like to archive, then just click on the ‘Archive’ icon. To read archived messages go to ‘Archived conversations’.

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