How to zoom my PC screen in any window? – Enlarging

Many times we find ourselves with the need to zoom in our computer monitor whether we are recording a class from the pc screen, we are giving an online class or we simply have a problem with our eyesight and therefore we have this need.

This does not have to be a complicated task at all, since nowadays there are several ways to zoom in our monitors. In today’s article we will show you some of those ways. Keep reading!

How to change the zoom magnifier level with the mouse?

It is well known that Windows comes with the magnifier application pre-installed, however, this application alone can be very basic and at the same time limiting, so this time we are going to use an external tool called ‘Zoomit’.

It should be mentioned that one of the great advantages of this tool is that it does not need to be installed, so you just have to unzip the package once you have downloaded it from Microsoft’s official website and start the application.

Once you start the application, you just have to place the mouse cursor over the area you want to zoom in and press ‘Ctrl+1’ to zoom in the image. When you have done this you can also zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

How to zoom in on the computer monitor with the keyboard?

In order to zoom in our monitor using just our keyboard we are going to have to go back to the magnifier application that comes pre-installed in our operating system. To find this application we can type ‘Magnifier’ in the Windows search bar or just press ‘Win +’ and the application will start automatically.

Zoom in/out the view of a window

Once the application is open go to the options menu in which we will be able to choose one of three types of view, full screen, lens or docked. In the full screen option all the dimensions of the screen will change while in the lens and docked options only a specific area of the screen will change.

By default, the application is configured to zoom to 100% which means that every time we do it everything will be seen twice as big. This setting can be changed by going to the settings icon within the application. This will open a window in which we can select the zoom percentage, 25% being the minimum and 400% the maximum.

To zoom with the keyboard we will only have to position the mouse cursor in the area we want to zoom in and press again the ‘Win +’ keys to zoom in and to zoom out we will press ‘Win -‘.

In order to scroll in full screen mode it will be necessary to move the cursor to the edges of the monitor.

Activate the magnifying glass view

To activate the magnifying glass view we will have to go to the ‘Views’ tab of the Windows magnifier application and select the ‘Lens’ option. Then a box will be activated and will move with the mouse cursor. This box will magnify any area of the screen where we place it.

Return to default magnification

To return to the default magnification, as mentioned above, simply press the ‘Win -‘ keys and the magnification will automatically decrease. The decrease will stop as soon as the image returns to its original resolution. No changes to the monitor will be saved when you close the application.

What is the way to set the zoom of a current Chrome page?

Has it ever happened to you that you are browsing in Chrome quietly and suddenly you enter a site where everything, for some reason, just looks too small? It happens more often than you might think.

Luckily our Chrome browser allows us to modify the zoom of our screen to our liking, whether we need to enlarge the image of the website or, failing that, decrease it so that we can read the content in a more comfortable way.

In order to change the magnification in a Chrome tab we locate the button with the three dots located in the upper right corner of the browser to display the options. Then we will go down to the zoom section that is almost in the center of the tab, just below the bookmarks option. There we will be able to modify the enlargement of our browser as much as we want.

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