How to shoot on Instagram with the Sparkles filter? – Sparkles effect

Find out how to shoot on Instagram with the Sparkles filter. Instagram filters have caused a great sensation among its users, for such reason it is very rare to see a video that does not contain any of these effects and is that in addition to decorate our publications are very easy to use and you can access them from the gallery of effects of the same platform.

To record a video on Instagram with the ‘Glitter’ effect you just need to log in to your account to create a new story and scroll the effects bar until you find the ‘Kira Kira’ filter, click on it to start using it, remember that Instagram allows you to save all filters and effects so you can use them later in other publications.

What is the Instagram glow effect and how do I use it?

In Instagram there are several effects that allow you to give shine to your publications, in this case we will talk about the ‘Kira Kira’ filter, to use it you just have to log in to your Instagram account and follow the following steps:

  • Select the ‘stories’ section.
  • Click on the option that says ‘Camera’.
  • Then just scroll the effects bar until you find the ‘Explore Effects’ option.
  • In the effects gallery, enter ‘Kira Kira’ in the search bar.
  • Then select any of the videos that the search returned.
  • At the bottom of the video you can find some icons, press the one with the down arrow to download it and save it to your Instagram gallery.
  • The application also gives you the possibility to test the filter before downloading it, to do so you just have to click on the option that says ‘Test’.
  • Once you have downloaded it, you can access it from the Instagram filter gallery and use it whenever you want.

Is it possible to add the glow effect to a photo that has already been taken?

So far this is not possible since the glow effect is only available when taking the photo or video, if you want to add filters to a previously taken photo you can resort to the other options of glow effects that Instagram has for you.

How to place the Instagram Glows effect on an image?

If you want to add a glow effect to a photo already taken, you can choose from the different filter options available one of the most used is ‘Sparkles’ this in addition to the glow gives a touch of color to your images.

Where can I find effects on Instagram?

To discover new effects on Instagram you just need to enter the ‘Stories’ section and slide the camera button to the right, until you find the option that says ‘Explore Effects’, in the search bar you can enter the name of the filter you want or if you just want to find new trends just slide the screen and go exploring new effects.

Is it possible to add a glitter effect to the makeup?

Yes it is possible, to do this you just need to first take the photo with the glitter effect, once it is taken you just need to download it to your device, then just select the ‘Stories’ section again and select the photo you just saved.

To add the new effect you just have to click on the icon of the three little stars at the top of the screen and on the screen at the bottom you will see the gallery of effects, just click on the filter you want to add to the photo and that’s it, remember that you can save your Reels or Instagram Story on your device, pressing the option to download the video or if you prefer upload it to your Instagram Feed.

Can you also add this effect to Instagram videos?

Adding the glow effect to your Instagram Feed videos is also possible, for this you just need to record the video you want using the ‘Kira Kira’ filter or the one of your preference, once you finish recording the video you can download it to the gallery of your mobile device so you can share it in your Feed or Instagram stories, this alternative also allows you to share it on other social networks.

Discovering new Instagram effects is very simple and you can access them whenever you want, but if you have any doubts you can consult Instagram’s technical support and from there clarify all your concerns.

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