How to enable automatic subtitles in Google Chrome? – Settings

Find out how to enable automatic subtitles in Google Chrome. In Google Chrome you can translate a web page regardless of the language but you also have the option to activate automatic subtitles on audios or videos in order to be able to read what you hear.

To do this you just need to access the Google Chrome settings and activate the instant subtitle box, but you should know that to date this feature is only available for English content. This means that if the audio or video is in another language, the subtitles will not be displayed.

Where to get the extension for automatic subtitles in Google?

It is not necessary to use an extension to have automatic subtitles in audios and videos when browsing Google Chrome, as these can be activated from the accessibility settings of the browser itself, of course it is up to each user to choose whether to use an extension or not.

But activating the subtitles checkbox downloads the tool that will display the subtitles, this works the same as activating the subtitles on YouTube. That is to say that you will be able to notice that they are shown in the same language as the video in this case English.

How to customize the subtitles in Google Chrome?

Just below the ‘Instant subtitles’ option in Chrome settings you can find the ‘Subtitles preference’ by clicking on it you can access the Windows settings automatically displaying the subtitles section, where you have the option to customize various aspects such as:

Font Style

You have eight different styles to use in the subtitles, of course including the default, you also have the option to change the color or decrease the transfer or vice versa, in order to have a better style.

Text position

Also within the subtitle preferences you can change the position, size or effect on the text, the best thing is that you have a window that shows an immediate preview of all the changes you make.

Change the background of the text.

It is also possible to change the color and transparency of the subtitle text background. In other words, you can improve or facilitate reading by adding a background to the text, just by choosing a suitable color and making its transparency more intense.

Customize the box or window.

The subtitles are displayed in a small dialog box, which you have the option of placing a color from those offered by the system, which are 9 for the date, and in the same way that the letters or the background you can also use transparency effects, in order to intensify or make transparent the subtitles window.

How to set automatic subtitles in Google Chrome?

To use instant subtitles in Chrome you must enter its settings. It is recommended to update the browser in order to have all the new features added, as in the case of subtitles you can set them as follows:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Open the options menu.
  • Enter the settings and then ‘Accessibility’.
  • Activate the ‘Instant Captioning’ checkbox and you’re done.
  • It is important to know that when you activate this function for the first time, it downloads the necessary data with which Google Chrome will be able to show the subtitles in the audios and videos, of course it is available only in English.

Important tips for using subtitles in Chrome

It is important to know that when you start playing a video, you must click on the multimedia control option, in order to activate and display the subtitles. You will observe this button in the upper right part represented by the icon of a ‘Play List’.

Also if you are going to play a video, it is necessary that you activate or raise the volume of the same one, with the objective of being able to have the automatic subtitles, since it is very common that when putting a video the sound is deactivated.

Another very useful tip is that if you click anywhere outside the tab with sound, the subtitles are adjusted in a small strip like a chat bubble, you also have the option to keep pressed this dialog box in order to drag it to the location you want.

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