How to make a channel on Telegram 2024

Discover how to create a channel on Telegram 2021 in a few steps to broadcast content to your audience.

If you need to disseminate content of any kind to a wide audience on Telegram we tell you how to make a channel on Telegram 2021.

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications and the eighth-most downloaded worldwide. It is currently available for Android and iOS mobiles and can also be installed on Windows, MacOS, or Linux computers.

The operation of Telegram is similar to WhatsApp, but Telegram has more advanced and different functions that are not available in WhatsApp. Among these tools are, for example, the self-destruction of messages, sending images without compression, or being able to create informative channels in a few steps. If you are interested in having one of these channels we tell you how to make a channel in Telegram 2021.

Telegram channels are used to transmit information from one user to a wide audience. You may think that Telegram channels are like large groups, but the difference with these is that in a channel only the administrator can write, the rest of the participants can only read the messages.

Channels can be made public or private. In public channels, anyone who finds your channel and is interested in the topic can subscribe and read everything you write. When you post a message in the channel it will appear with the name of the channel and not yours.

To find out how to make a channel in Telegram 2021 the first thing you have to do is open Telegram and place yourself in the conversation listing window. If you have an Android phone, click on the blue button with the pencil icon and then choose “New channel”. If you have an iOS phone from the chat list click on the square icon with a pencil inside, it is located at the top right of the screen. Then choose “New Channel” and “create channel”.

How to set up your channel in Telegram

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You already know how to make a channel on Telegram 2021 now you must learn how to set it up and customize it to suit the image you want to give and the information to publish.

Once you have clicked on “Create Channel” you must assign a name. Choose one that identifies it and is easy for the audience to understand. Also, set a profile image for the channel. If it is, for example, a company’s information channel, you can add its logo. Finally, add a short description so that the audience knows what your channel is about.

Then you must choose whether your channel is open to all audiences and can be found by anyone who searches for it or if you want it to be private. Finally, enter a term to create a link for people to share so that more people join your channel.

How to search for channels on Telegram

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If what you want is to know how to search for channels on a certain topic you can do it easily from the Telegram app.

Telegram does not have a place where a list of all channels appears, but you have to search in general. If you have an Android device to search for channels you must click on the magnifying glass at the top right and enter the topic or channel name.

On iOS devices to search for a channel, go to the list of chats and type in the search box at the top any word related to the topic of the channel you are interested in.

How to write in a Telegram Channel

Now that you know how to make a channel in Telegram 2021 and how to set it up, writing in it and start posting is very easy.

You are the administrator of the channel, therefore, the only person who can write in it. Your channel will be displayed as another conversation window among the list. To post in it click on the channel and then type in the box all the information you want to provide.

You can add any file, attached image, or gif. In the bell icon in the box, you can also configure whether you want to be notified or not of your posts.

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