How to change the keyboard size in Telegram

Don’t know how to change the keyboard size in Telegram, font, or colors? Take note!

If you’re just starting to use this app, maybe you haven’t yet figured out how to change the keyboard size in Telegram or some of the many other customization features it features.

Whether you need to increase the font size to better see what you write, or if you want to learn how to edit the messages you send, to give a little color to the interface of your application and make it more personal, we give you all the keys on Telegram.

How to increase the font size in telegram

Learning how to increase the font size in Telegram is very easy:

  • Go into your Telegram profile and select the “Settings” option.
  • Once there, go to “Chats”.
  • At the top of the next screen, you’ll see a bar that scrolls right and left. If you wanted to know how to change the size of the keyboard in Telegram, just go “playing” with this bar. 

How to change the font in Telegram

Once the size has been modified, we tell you how to change the font in Telegram:

  • Log into Telegram and into one of your conversations. Once you have written the message, before hitting send, select the text from the touch screen of your mobile.
  • A drop-down will appear; then press the three dots at the top right, and choose from one or more of the options: italic, bold, strikethrough text, underline or monospace, which is a different font.

How to set colored letters in Telegram

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Before knowing how to put colored letters in Telegram you have to keep in mind that these types of changes will only be seen by you. That is, even if you change the tone of the letter in your chats, the person with whom you are exchanging messages will continue to see them in the color they have configured. Think about it, changing the color of the letters in this application is not as easy as changing the size of the keyboard in Telegram. To do it we are going to explain to you two ways.

Have you heard of Telegram themes? These are “folders” that apply settings to your account; you can opt for themes that already exist or create your own. Step by step…

To use an existing theme, search your Telegram chat for the @ThemesChanel account and join the channel. By browsing through this chat you will see the different themes and their previews (so you can decide which one you like the most), as well as the link to download them and apply them directly on your Telegram.

The “Flowers” theme, for example, has a default background with roses, and the letters also in that color. If you find one you like, it’s the simplest way to put the colored letters. But there is another.

Create your own theme. This can be a tedious task, we’re not going to fool ourselves, but if all you want is to put the colored letters, the thing is simplified. Take a look:

  • The first thing you need to do is create a theme. To do this, go back to “Settings”, “Chats” and click on the three little dots at the top right. A small drop-down will appear with the option “Create new topic”.
  • Next, choose the name of the theme, and then, when the folder seems to have disappeared, look for a painter’s palette on your screen (top right) and click on it.
  • An endless list of options will appear, each related to an aspect of Telegram. If you want to create an original theme, you should go testing; if you are only interested in changing the color of the font you should look for the options “chatmessageTextIn” and “chatmessageTextOut”. They are used to change the color of the font when you write (in) and of the messages, you receive (out). Remember that in both cases, the colors are seen only by you and not by the person you are chatting with.
  • By clicking on any of these options, a color palette will appear. Select the one you like and click on save. At the top of the screen, you can see how the result is coming out.

In the chat settings section, all the themes appear, whether they are the default ones, the ones you have downloaded, or the ones you have created. If you want to edit any of them, click on it until the drop-down menu with the “edit” option appears. If you want to change from one to another, just click on the one you prefer.

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