How To Know Where The Speed Cameras Are On Google Maps

Find out how to know where the speed cameras are on Google Maps. One of the great fears of every driver is that a few days after a trip you find a fine in the mailbox. And is that stepping on the gas pedal too much has its con sequences, of course, but whenever you have information you can be more cautious when traveling if you get to know where the radars are on Google Maps.

We tell you how to activate this feature, although we do recommend caution with the speed limit.

Google Maps marks the radars that you can find on the road

When you take a new route to an unknown place you need the help of a GPS application to guide you.

It used to be done with maps, something that many have already forgotten to use or have not even known beyond what a smartphone app says.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a function that solves this problem to the point of indicating the sections where it is most important not to exceed the maximum speed limit.

And through applications such as Android Auto you can have the necessary tools to get to the right place.

One of them is Google Maps, which has a function that marks the radars that you are going to find on the road.

And it doesn’t matter whether or not it is an outing in which many trips are expected, the important thing is to arrive and comply with the rules at all times.

Nor can you miss the music you have downloaded from your Android phone, to liven up a bit the journey if it is several hours.

As for the function that shows you the radars on Google Maps, you do not have to touch any button at all.

This function is automatically activated when you point to a destination on your mobile, so you just have to choose the place you want to go on the map, click on Navigate and automatically the app will warn you when you approach one of these fixed radars.

These will be marked with an orange icon with a white camera inside and, unless you have disabled notifications, you will always have a warning reminding you to follow the maximum speed, which is indicated at the bottom left of the map.

Mobile radars will also appear in a blue color, which will mark the approximate location of their situation.

Although they are not at the moment of your arrival, you can not lose track of them, since they can be placed in another place of the route you are taking.

Watch out for mobile radars

Now that you know how to activate the function for Google Maps to warn you of where the radars are we must warn you of one thing: the app will never warn you of all that you can find.

And is that, as we said, this function will only mark the fixed radars of the route you have selected.

You will always know where there is a radar operating, but there may be a mobile one lurking for the most impatient drivers.

For this reason, and following what we said in the first paragraph, we remind you how important it is to keep to the speed limits.

This will help you to keep control of your car at all times and, above all, will prevent you from seeing a flash in the rearview mirror if you are driving at a speed that does not correspond to the characteristics of the road.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you can report the position of a mobile radar. This option is only available from the app, so if you are going to report it, it would be better if your co-driver does it.