How to uninstall Gameloop from my Windows 11 PC? – Procedure and check

Entertainment is a main part of our daily life, and thanks to the great variety of websites and official platforms through Gameloop which you can find the best titles on the market. Downloading video games has become a widespread practice, so that a large number of people who previously did not have the resources to buy a physical game, now have what they need to buy it digitally and enjoy them. That is precisely what happens with Gameloop, which is an Android emulator which enjoys popularity and trust among users.  If for some reason we want to remove it, let’s see what we must do to uninstall it from our Windows 11 PC.

How to remove the data stored on Gameloop from the PC application?

Before knowing how we can delete the stored data, let’s get to know a little bit about Gameloop, as we mentioned before, it is an Android emulator that we can install and use on our computer as long as we have installed it as a virtual machine. Remembering that whenever we install a program or an application on a computer, a folder is created with an address on the local disk where each and every one of the installation data or the different data that are created automatically as we use the application is stored.

It is important to mention that we cannot eliminate all the stored data since this will make impossible the uninstallation of Gameloop due to the absence of files, so if we only want to eliminate the data stored after the installation, we must locate a folder named ‘Data’, to find it we click with the right button of the mouse on the icon of the program and then we select the option ‘Open File Location’.

Next we move to my PC and we must choose the storage unit where the program is installed, we must locate the ‘Program Files’ folder and click to enter it and inside we look for the folder that contains the stored data of the program. If it is difficult to find it we can organize the folders by date and if it was the last program installed it will appear first in the list.

Where can you find the official and reliable version of IObit Uninstaller for download?

IObit Uninstaller is a program that helps to remove everything related to the program in question, only in cases where the common methods for uninstalling the program do not give us good results. The simplest and most reliable way to get this program is by downloading it from its official website, where you will find not only the program but also some interesting driver updates, antivirus and some other useful tools.

What we must do is as simple as downloading the program, install it taking advantage of the fact that it is compatible with most versions of Windows and once this process is finished, we will run it and then look for the option to uninstall Gameloop and any other program that we do not want to keep on our computer.

How is the complete uninstallation of Gameloop in Windows 11 done?

The procedure for the complete uninstallation of Gameloop is nothing special, the truth is that the simple interface and language of the uninstaller makes everything easy, the procedure is as follows. First we must run the program that we have downloaded for the uninstallation of Gameloop namely lObit Uninstaller, then we must select in the panel that is available on the left the option corresponding to ‘All Programs’, immediately we can see a list with all the programs installed on our PC.

What we have to do is to look for Gameloop and check the box next to it, then we go to the top, specifically to the right of the screen we will see a green button with the name ‘Uninstall’, we press there and then we will see that we are asked to confirm the action. Before confirming we must mark the option to eliminate residual or temporary files, ready this, we press ‘Uninstall’, again we confirm with the Unistall button and what remains is to wait for the process to finish.

What is the way you can verify if Gameloop has been completely uninstalled?

In some opportunities, certain programs like Gameloop or any other of its kind, continues in the registry of programs installed on our computer so it becomes necessary a verification procedure of uninstallation because otherwise the task would not be complete so we would continue to have the program on the computer. If we have the concern to know if the process was completed successfully removing the program, we can make sure by ourselves that it is so and the interesting thing is that we have two ways to make the verification, let’s see what it is.

With the application folder

For the correct application of this verification method it will only be necessary to click on ‘My Computer’ and then we must locate ‘Local Disk C’ and enter there, inside we choose the ‘Program Files’ folder, inside we must make sure that the folder that contained all the data related to Gameloop is no longer there.  If the folder still exists we must open it and find out if it contains documents or folders, if it does not contain anything, the program was successfully removed, if it still contains files (which is unlikely) we must find another method to uninstall.

From the recycle garbage can

Another way is to look in the trash so to speak, in the recycle garbage can we may find all the files related to Gameloop, of course this is also unlikely because when you delete or uninstall a program the records do not go to the recycle garbage can that appears in Windows operating systems but are removed in its entirety from the computer but it is never too much to check to verify that there is nothing left of the program on our PC.

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