How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

In this blog, I am going to show you two methods of transferring contacts from one Android to another Android device 

The first method 

Open the Settings app and click on accounts. Tap your Google account, tap Sync account. Make sure that the context toggle is enabled for your contacts to Sync. when you sign in to your Google account on any new Android phone your contacts will be there.

The Second Method

The second method involves backing up a VCF file that contains all of your contacts. 

Open the contacts app and select the menu icon. 

click on manage contacts. then export, select where to export these contacts I’m selecting internal storage. The contacts are exported to your internal storage. Then you will transfer the VCF file to your new Android. 

you’re going to use USB cables to transfer the file from the old Android to the new one the cables that come with the phones for charging could work. Well unlock both phones and connect both of them to your computer with the USB cables open the file explorer and click on this PC tab on the left side of the display. 

Click the little Phone icon that displays your old phone. Then drag and drop the VCF file from the old phone to the new one. Once the file is transferred browse to the VCF file and open it. Click save contact to phone. your contacts will be imported to your new phone.  


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