Why aren’t Instagram Posts being published to Facebook and how to fix it?

Find out why aren’t Instagram posts being published to Facebook. In the world of social networks, Instagram and Facebook are on the podium of choice for users in the digital world. Both share the same owner, some logics and functionalities, but they are very different.

It is known that younger users prefer Instagram with its filters, short video reels and IGTV, and those who are already +millennials may feel more comfortable with Facebook, statuses, sharing memes and finding old friends. Now, most users use both social networks, either as a profile or as a business or business-related page.

The truth is that one of the indispensable tools provided by both networks is the linking, that is, I can post on Instagram and the same post will appear on Facebook, but this does not always work. In this article we are going to give you some basic tips to solve the linking and make it really work, so if you are reading this post you will be able to relate these two social networks.

What is the main reason for unlinking Instagram from Facebook?

Although there are not many explanations, unlinking happens very often in both applications. One of the main obstacles occurs when you want to link Instagram with your Facebook fanpage. For this reason you will have to synchronize both applications and you will have to perform the following steps:

  • Log in to Instagram, then go to your Instagram profile.
  • There, at the end of the top right corner, you will find an icon with three vertical dots.
  • Go to ‘settings’ and select the ‘linked accounts’ checkbox, this way you can link to Facebook, as well as other networks such as: Tumblr, Twitter, among others. In this case your accounts are linked, however, if you want to share the post you will have to do the process in the usual way in Instagram, and before finishing, at the ‘description’, below the post you will find a tab to share with the different social networks.
  • Many times unlinking happens when we lend our pc or mobile device to a friend or family member and they log in with their account without realizing it. The sessions usually remain open on the devices and computers, so we should check that the sessions that are open on both social networks are ours.

How to solve the problem of linking Instagram to Facebook?

There are many reasons why you can not correctly link your Instagram account with Facebook, so here we will try to give you a quick solution with the easiest ways to fix this problem. Here are some examples to keep in mind, and be able to solve the linking problem

Clear application cache

It is necessary that you can do it in both applications, this will improve the performance in the tools of these social networks, providing speed and greater optimization of the executions. In addition, clearing the cache of your browser will ensure that you delete any saved logins that are not your accounts, as it often happens that, without realizing it, we have an account open that is not ours.

Check the application permissions

Here you should pay attention, as this is a common, but imperceptible error. Many users have complained and have had many problems because their accounts were incorrectly linked. The truth is that it is recommended that the accounts are profiles and not pages.

Another option is that you may be entering the data incorrectly, so it is necessary to verify your data, emails and accounts to avoid errors and mishaps. A tip you can use is to close both accounts and log in again.

Perform the linking again

As mentioned above, after logging out, we recommend that you restart your phone or PC, and try again. And repeat the linking process. If you have cleared the cache, and you have correctly indicated your computer or mobile, you will be able to link the accounts without any problem. If the error persists do not worry, I will give you another magic solution.

Why is the Instagram to Facebook linking still not working?

It is possible that the linking is still not working. But here’s the possible ultimate solution to the linking problem, and in just a few steps:

  • Log back out of Instagram.
  • Once logged out, select on ‘sign up’, (Attention! you don’t need to make another account).
  • Here, on the registration screen, you will find the option ‘use your Facebook data’.
  • We’re almost done! Instagram will recognize your data from your Facebook account, so don’t finish the process. Click on the ‘cancel’ box.
  • Now you will have to go back to the main Instagram screen, log in with your usual username and password.

Note that this may be a very common mistake if you have several profiles on Facebook, or from a PC shared with others, forget to check the session. Always remember to check that no other session is open and that only yours is active. It may seem silly, but this happens regularly.

Finally, we mention that none of the tools provided by both networks are definitive, but on the contrary, they are reversible, that is, if you are considering unlinking the accounts you can do it easily, as we have already explained at the beginning, and also incorporate other applications.

This way you can enjoy your two favorite social networks linked together. This is usually very good if you work or work online, since you can connect with your audience from both networks more easily. In addition, both social networks can help you to increase your online sales if you know how to use them and combine them in an optimal way

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