Why “last time a long time ago” appears on Telegram

Have you ever wondered why “last time a long time ago” appears on Telegram? In this article, you will have all the answers.

Accustomed to a specific last connection time appearing in various applications, we may wonder why “last time a long time ago” appears in Telegram. When we find that a user has this message where their last connected time usually appears, it may be for three different reasons.

The first is that you have modified the ‘Privacy and security settings so that your last connected time does not appear. This causes Telegram to show estimates that will let you know if you can contact that person or not. If you see that their last time was a long time ago, it means that they haven’t connected to the app in over a month (also applies to contacts who have uninstalled Telegram but their profile has not yet been permanently disabled).

Second scenario: if we have been the ones who have made that setting so that no one knows in detail when we are online and when we are offline, we will automatically see all our contacts with these estimates. Again, if it appears a long time ago, it means that it has not been active for more than a month. So that no one can see it, go to ‘Settings, ‘Privacy and security, ‘Last time and online’ and activate the ‘No one option, as shown in the image.

The third option is that our contact has blocked us. Telegram will not show us that that user has made that decision with us, but if we see this message and when we write to him we see that we do not receive a response, the chances that we are on his blacklist increase.

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Why in Telegram it comes up last time recently

There are also frequent queries from users asking why in Telegram it comes up last time recently. Again, the explanation has to do with their own and others’ privacy settings, since it is an estimate that allows the user to not specifically show their last connection time.

If under our contact we see ‘Last time recently’, the period indicated ranges from one second to two or three days, so we will not know if he has been online right now or if he has been away from Telegram for a couple of days. In any case, we are quite likely to know that it is a contact who uses the application regularly.

How to know the last connection in Telegram

If we have configured the application so that no one sees our last connection we will not have how to know the last connection in Telegram of our contacts. Therefore, we will have to go back to the settings menu and in ‘Last time and online’ choose the options ‘All’ or ‘My contacts’, depending on the people you want to know their last connection.

Anyway, if your contacts have their settings configured so that no one can see them, we will only be able to see an estimate. Telegram shows four approximations: ‘recently’ (from one second to two or three days), a few days ago (from two or three days to seven days), a few weeks ago (from six or seven days to a month), and a long time ago (more than a month or blocked users).

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if you are blocked on telegram do you see the last connection?

Regardless, if you are blocked on Telegram do you see the last connection? The application assumes that when a person blocks another person it is because they do not want to be exposed to them for whatever reason, so under that contact, we will only see the message ‘Last time a long time ago.

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