Tiktok Shows “This Sound Is Not Available” Error: How To Fix It On Android [Guide].

“This sound is not available” is a common error on Tiktok. TikTok is one of the social platforms of the moment and is frequented by users of practically all ages and from all over the world. On TikTok we can find those who sing, those who indulge in dubious dancing, those who make funny videos, there are those who use TikTok to disseminate information, in short, it is a social platform that can be used to do so many things. TikTok, in addition to allowing the use of the original sounds that are saved with the videos, also allows you to be able to add sounds that are in the TikTok library. Generally, sounds that are in the TikTok library can be added to videos without a problem, but even though it rarely happens, sooner or later you might run into the error “This sound is not available” and that prevents the user from being able to add a particular sound to their video to be uploaded to the TikTok platform. If TikTok shows the error “This sound is not available,” continue reading this guide that will explain in detail how to proceed in order to solve this problem with different solutions.

The Tiktok sound library is full of great sounds and valuable songs of the moment and that can greatly improve the final quality of your videos. Sometimes, however, you may be looking for a song to apply to a video to be uploaded to TikTok, but you learn through the message “This sound is not available” that the sound file cannot be applied to your video. There are several reasons why this error can make its appearance, from copyright issues, to the user’s current location, etc., and if TikTok also shows the “This sound is not available” error with you, here are the possible reasons why this happens and what are the solutions I recommend you try.

TikTok shows “This sound is not available” error: copyright issues (method to be used for informational purposes only, not recommended to be used if there are copyright issues with a specific piece of music)

Typically, when the error message is shown on TikTok referring to the sound being unavailable, the main reason is that there is a copyright problem with that piece of music. For example, the artist who made a song may not have granted permission for it to be used in Italy, or the piece of music has been banned in the country because of language or meaning that was deemed offensive. Copyrighted content, cannot be posted on TikTok, so that’s why you may end up with an error when you select a particular piece of music to add to one of your videos.

But let’s see how you can solve the problem on TikTok if the sound or music track you have chosen, is not available due to Copyright issues because of the country and you are shown the error “This sound is not available” because of that:

  • Log in to the TikTok app first
  • Once you are logged in to the app, you will be shown all of a series of icons. Tap on the Me icon found in the bottom right corner to be able to access your TikTok profile.
  • What you need to do now is simply press your finger over the icon with the three vertically arranged dots that you find at the top right of the screen, just like this one that you can see in the picture  
  • You will now be shown a whole series of settings that you can change to your liking. What you are interested in, however, is accessing Manage My Account, which is located under the Account section
  • Now, you should see the Region item with an arrow next to it. Press on this item and you will be shown a list with all the regions you can select. If the audio, music track is not available for Italy due to copyright issues, but instead you can use it in the United States for example, you will just select the United States as Region
  • That’s it. You will now be able to access and add to your video that audio that was not usable from the Tiktok music library, and the social network should no longer show the error message “This sound is not available”
  • Method involving the use of a VPN: if the solution seen above doesn’t work as expected, another thing you can do is to download a VPN to your Android smartphone (you can find the best ones here), then simply select a country where the audio you want to download is available and there are no copyright issues, then you can add it to your video to upload to TikTok.

wait a while and try again, there may be a temporary bug in the platform

Sometimes there is just a problem with TikTok’s servers and if after a first time you tried to upload an audio and got the error “This sound is not available,” you can try again after a while and if you are lucky everything should run smoothly this time. So try one more time if you are unable to upload audio to TikTok because of the error that appears when you select a piece of music, wait a while and try again. If you are unable to use a particular audio with a video of yours that you want to upload to TikTok, try waiting a couple of hours or more to see if the problem resolves itself and you are then able to be able to use the audio.

restart smartphone

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything special except simply pick up and restart the smartphone. Restarting the smartphone will restart the operating system and all applications, the Internet connection, and of course TikTok will be restarted as well. If trying to upload an audio to your TikTok video you got the message “This sound is not available,” you could easily solve it this way. Turn your phone off and on again, then start the TikTok app and see if trying to add an audio to your video, the error message referring to the sound being unavailable still appears. If, however, a restart of the device was not enough, then move on to the next solution.

update TikTok

Perhaps you are using an outdated version of TikTok or a version with a bug that prevents you from using certain music tracks and you get the error message saying “This sound is not available.” What you can do in this case is to go to the TikTok page of the Google Play Store and check if there is a new update. If you notice that there is a button that says Update, press on it and proceed to update the TikTok app. Then start the app after it has been updated and see if the error message still appears because of the unavailable sound.

clear the cache

TikTok’s cache is used to make it faster to open pages with the app’s content, but over time the cache may fill up with temporary files due to the use of the app and its updates. This large amount of files in the cache, could in the worst case contain some that are corrupted, conflict with other cache files and could cause the app and its functions to malfunction. The problem can be easily solved by clearing the temporary files contained in TikTok’s cache.

To clear TikTok’s cache, proceed by following the steps below:

  • Press over the Settings icon on your Android smartphone.
  • Then you need to go to Apps > All apps.
  • You will be shown a list with all the apps that are installed on your phone. From the search bar, search for the TikTok app.
  • Once you have found the TikTok app, tap on it to access the app’s Information screen.
  • Now enter Archive and immediately press the Clear Cache button
  • Now log in to TikTok and see if you still get the message “This sound is not available” when you try to select an audio to add to a video
  • TikTok shows “This sound is not available” error: reinstall TikTok

It could also be the TikTok app that has a problem and you could fix it by deleting it from your smartphone and reinstalling it from scratch. Deleting the TikTok app might cause you to lose the settings you had changed, so after installation you will have to get your hands on them again. After deleting the TikTok app, enter your login credentials, then see if you still get the error message “This sound is not available.”


TikTok allows you to add audios to videos that are created by users, and you can add both custom audios and those that are available in TikTok’s sound library instead. When you select an audio and get the message “This sound is not available” sometimes there may be a problem with copyright and permissions for your country, while other times there may be a temporary bug or some problem with the TikTok application. Whatever the reason you saw the error appear on the TikTok you use on your Android smartphone, the solutions seen above hopefully helped you solve it. Until the next guide.

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