Where And How To Research Your Entire History In Apple Music Since 2015

Learn how to research your entire history in Apple Music since 2015. Under the onslaught of GDPR requirements, Apple has, as we know, given every user the ability to sort of view and download the personal data that the company has managed to collect about them. That includes looking at the history in Apple Music…

I mean, to monitor in detail the names of the artists and titles of all the tracks you’ve ever downloaded and listened to in Apple Music. Plus, other related information.

And you can do it with the help of a special online service, developed by Pat Murray from Australia. The service is simple but very handy. However, it functions in a peculiar way.

But now we will briefly tell you how to use it. So,

Where And How To View Your Entire History In Apple Music Since 2015

First, you should go to the “Data and Privacy” section of the official Apple website and download a copy of your personal data from there.

Then do this as follows:

  • go to “Data and Privacy” (through your Apple ID);
  • Click the link “Send a request for a copy of your data;
  • on the “Receive a copy of your data” page, select (check the box) “Information about Apple multimedia services” and click on “Continue” (at the very bottom of the page):

then specify the maximum file size and click “Complete the request”.

After that, we have to wait until the notification about the readiness of data (it automatically comes to the mail, to which the AppleID is bound, but not immediately, but during the next 7 days) and download the file.

Then unzip it (zip format), then unzip the separately attached file “App Store iTunes Store iBooks Store Apple Music”, then find the folder “Apple Music Activity” and in it – find and copy the CSV file Apple Music Play Activity.

And only after getting that file, go to the Apple Music Analyzer website, upload that csv file there, and get a full report on Apple Music usage in a fairly compact and easy-to-understand form:

The service shows which song you’ve listened to most often since 2015, which songs you’ve listened to most often throughout each year, the total amount of time in Apple Music, the day you spent the most time in Apple Music, and tons more information.

For those who are worried about privacy, the developer promised that the data stays on the user’s computer, and all calculations are made in the browser.

So, that’s the whole idea. By the way, it is very similar to the function of viewing the listening history, which Spotify opens once a year.