Playing With Your Hands: Top 10 The Brightest Games With Hand Tracking For Oculus Quest 2

What are the brightest games with hand tracking for Oculus Quest 2?The official Oculus Store has all sorts of interesting things, but when you have SideQuest, you can always download and install even more good and interesting toys. Including those that support hand tracking, i.e. tracking.

So, first put SideQuest (if it is not already installed) on Oculus Quest 2 or (Oculus Quest) – either way will not hurt.

And don’t forget also that Oculus Quest 2’s hand tracking technology works best in well-lit rooms (the brighter the better) – this is important.

We’ll tell you which of the toys with hand tracking support are the smartest (in our opinion). So.



“The curious tale of the stolen pets” (the name translated as it came out) is a charming in its versatility puzzle toy that is sure to cheer everyone up. Gender, age, level of mastery of VR skills and other technical aspects are categorically not important.

Put on Oculus, immerse yourself in a cool virtual world of the game and just look for cute little animals to great music, discovering the very “mystery story” of childhood memories. Tracking is perfectly integrated into the story:


It’s a tetromino, or such a cute puzzle constructor in a three-dimensional environment (well, almost). The individual 3D figurines of different shapes have to be put together into a big figure of a given shape. With your hands, of course. Or rather, with your fingers.

We take them and fold them. At first it seems to be very simple, but then the game gets gradually more complicated and it is necessary to strain not only hands, but all the thinking apparatus available. And still not the fact that you can get through the whole game.


Long-awaited sequel to Job Simulator, a popular VR-masterpiece from Owlchemy Labs studio. With all the positive impressions and emotions that it implies.

After the strenuous “working days” of the previous simulator, a tropical beach, picturesque forest and even snow-covered mountains await you on these “Canuckulas”. Where you can and should roast marshmallows on the fire, go skiing, set up sand castles. And all this with your own hands too. Let’s have a rest in general!


Natural practical magic, however. With you in the role of a real wizard, endowed with almost unlimited magical power. However, before getting out in a world full of all sorts of villains and monsters, a little practice your witchcraft skills in a specially equipped room for this will not be superfluous.

By the way, in addition to technology of hand tracking in general, this game also successfully implemented the latest movement system, which is very helpful to forget about the “fake” of the usual VR-gestures and better immerse yourself in the events around.


As says Dennis Kuhnert from Holoception studio, the author and developer of this fascinating game, he has been actively experimenting with hand tracking in virtual environment since Oculus opened access to this technology for the general public.

And the results are in. The full version of the game, presented on the Oculus Store today, includes about 80 diverse puzzles, plenty of rewards for completing them and a black cat, which you can stroke with your hand in the virtual reality game.


As in the movie “Cocktail” with a young Tom Cruise, only the bar furnishings are “a little” different, sci-fi space. Otherwise, it is literally the same.

A crowd of people near the bar, a solid stream of orders for the most exotic drinks. And you as the protagonist of this crazy extravaganza. Super-bartender in a virtual bar for the aliens, expert in a thousand recipes, unsurpassed master of cosmic cocktails and the master of the bizarre bar technique. And hands that work real miracles!


A perfect illustration of how appropriate and cool hand tracking works in a modern VR adventure game. In fact, this toy was originally designed to demonstrate this fact.

Tiny Castles is short on time (unfortunately), but its hand-tracking mechanics have been worked out to the level of real magic. Plus, the game is completely free, including in the official Oculus Store.


The so-called “infinite procedurally generated experience” is just that. Simply put, as you play the game, it creates a whole new world for you. Again and again. And it’s different every time.

In addition, Tea for God is one of the best VR room solutions in terms of quality and comfort (the game essentially adapts itself to the size and configuration of the room), as well as one of the best implementations of tracking technology in a virtual environment. Here everything is what they call “on your fingers”: creating weapons, strikes, controlling game objects, etc.


How could it be without music? And if you have ever dreamed of learning to play the piano, VRtuos is a very significant step towards its fulfillment. Even if it’s virtual.

Some basics of playing the piano in this game, you’re guaranteed to learn. Easy and simple. At the very least, VRtuos will teach you how to hit the right keys and hold presses correctly. There are only five different music tracks in the game to get you started.

But that doesn’t prevent you from learning all the songs you want – VRtuos supports MIDI format and you can easily import any music into the game. And the Pro version is also available:


And this isn’t a game at all! We’re out of games. Who says sports in a virtual world is also virtual? This isn’t Beat Saber or even Pistol Whip.

VRWorkout not only tracks your hands, but everything else they’re attached to. The whole program! As long as you have enough “breathing room.” And so that both your arms and legs will fall off afterwards. Walking around in Oculus Quest 2 is a bit of a gamble, of course. But on the other hand, why not? Especially since the developers are obviously on-topic and the “toy” is being updated and supplemented regularly, so it won’t be boring at all!

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