Why Telegram video is not saved on my iPhone?

Find out why Telegram video is not saved on my iPhone, even though you are doing everything correctly? The problem is quite common, but the causes are not always obvious.

In some situations it is not immediately clear why there is no downloading of Telegram video – everything should work, but for some reason the desired result is not visible. We recommend that you pay attention to the quality of your network connection.

Messenger works over the Internet, and the files are downloaded accordingly. If the connection is broken, weak or intermittent – expect problems!

  • Try to reboot your device;
  • Make sure that there is enough money on the account;
  • Make sure cellular data is enabled;
  • Check that not all gigabytes of traffic are spent.
  • Switch from mobile to wireless or vice versa;
  • Turn on air mode for a few seconds.
  • Internet is working fine, but video from Telegram on your iPhone is not saved? We will look for the problem elsewhere!

Not enough space

Do not forget about such an obvious factor as the memory of the device – if you do not have enough space (and you want to download a large file), there is nothing to be surprised that the Telegram video is not saved.

Check the availability of free space. In the settings of your device, find the “Main” section and open the “Storage” tab. The system will calculate the availability of free memory.

If there are difficulties – delete unnecessary photos, videos, applications and other files.

The download option is disabled

Another option, why videos from Telegram are not saved – you have disabled this action in the settings! Maybe you set the options on purpose and forgot about them, or you accidentally put inappropriate options.

Let’s try to check how things are – and correct the situation if necessary.

  • Click on the settings gear on the bottom panel;
  • Go to the “Data and Memory” section;
  • Find the “Autoload Media” subsection;
  • Open the “Via Mobile Network” tab;
  • Make sure the “Videos” section has autoloading enabled for contacts, personal chats, groups, and channels;
  • Choose the maximum possible video size for you (up to 15 GB);
  • Then open the “Via Wi-Fi” tab and repeat the action.
  • Even if you don’t download video from Telegram to your phone, you can fix the situation. Clear the memory, set the correct settings or fix the Internet. Try, it will definitely work!
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