Why is there no sound in Telegram when I make a call?

Why is there no sound in Telegram when I make a call? There is no sound in Telegram when you call, even though you are sure that your smartphone is working properly? Let’s look for where the problem is hiding!

Let’s sort out why there is no sound on the call in Telegram! Before looking into your smartphone settings or worrying about a breakdown, we recommend checking if your Internet connection is working properly.

If the signal is very weak, the connection is interrupted and fails, you are bound to encounter similar problems. The connection is made over the network, so weak Internet is the reason why you have no sound when calling Telegram.

You can contact the support of your ISP or mobile operator – in addition, take certain measures yourself:

  • Reboot your device;
  • Switch from mobile to wireless network or vice versa;
  • Use air mode;
  • Make sure you have the right amount of money in your account;
  • Make sure that all Internet options are connected and that you have not used up your data plan traffic.

Believe me, in most cases you can get rid of problems by simply restoring a normal Internet connection. You will be able to enjoy your communication!

Check the volume

The second reason why there is no sound in Telegram when calling – you yourself unintentionally turned down the volume. This happens more often than you might think. You can completely silence notifications about incoming calls or set the volume too low – by accident or intentionally (and forget about it).

Before you sound the alarm, always check that the sound is on and that the volume is adequate. This is easy to do with the side buttons on the smartphone. In addition, there is a corresponding tab in the device settings.

Output device

If there is no sound in Telegram when you call, it is worth making sure that you have not connected a third-party device. Often users can not understand where the notifications go, if the smartphone is working normally, and the sound is fully on.

The answer is simple – you have plugged in your headphones and are waiting for a tune from the device’s speakers. Or vice versa, you do not hear the sound in the headphones, because they are not connected to the device – while the call goes to the device.

Either way, make sure you have your headphones connected or disconnected – depends on how you want to receive calls.

Problems on the side of the caller

Do not forget – sometimes the sound on an incoming call in Telegram is not due to the fault of your interlocutor. Not always the fault can be blamed on your technical problems. In some cases, “blame” the person who is trying to call you.

Where can difficulties be hidden? First of all, a broken microphone. If the voice capture device doesn’t work, you won’t hear anything.

Another reason is headphones plugged in. Sometimes a person speaks into the device’s microphone, forgetting that the sound is coming through a third-party device.

The third option is the breakdown of the smartphone. Can not be ruled out, although it happens quite rarely (less often than the other causes).

Even if you do not have a call to Telegram on an incoming call – do not get upset! Try to re-establish the connection, restart your smartphone. Most likely, the difficulties can be quickly resolved!

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