How You Can Use Your Smartphone As A Computer Mouse

When you use a computer you rarely do smartphone so without external peripherals. It is common to at least have a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor to start working. However, it is possible that sometimes the pointer does not respond to your commands. You can try to figure out what’s going on in your computer, and also operate some applications with the keyboard, but that may not be all you need. It’s time to look for help closer than you think. We tell you how you can use your mobile as if it were a mouse your computer.

Yes, your smartphone is also a mouse for your PC

It is a fact that having different peripherals for a computer is something of the simplest in these times. In any electronics store you can buy a pack at a good price, wireless or wired. Although you can also get hold of an old one, you have to know that if for an emergency or for a temporary situation you need another solution, it is time to get hold of your cell phone.

How to use your smartphone as a mouse

Anyway, let’s say you need a mouse urgently. We have told you that your cell phone is going to be able to do its job and it is possible that the first thing you may wonder is if this is at all possible. The truth is that a smartphone does not natively have such advanced functions to control a nearby computer. But it is possible if you have the right applications, since with Bluetooth and cable connection it is possible to create this link.

That is, the first thing you need to know is which applications you need to have installed on your cell phone if you want to use it as if it were a mouse for your PC. We propose you some free options that do not need any payment to unlock this option.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is one of the applications that can help you use your cell phone as a mouse on your computer. It can be used as an input device for signals of all kinds. That is to say, with this app you will have on your smartphone a tool that turns it into a mouse, keyboard and even a remote control for the TV.

WiFi Mouse

If it turns out that you do not want to use your smartphone with Bluetooth because you are already using it with your headphones, for example, there is another way to turn it into a mouse for your PC. With WiFi Mouse you can have a pointer that connects to your computer through your Internet network. Don’t forget to set it up correctly so that both your computer and your mobile device link up without a problem.

Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone

This is another application that can help you when you do not have a keyboard or mouse nearby. At first glance it may seem very simple because it needs the same as all of them: a wireless connection to start working. But it is in the keyboard part where it shines, because you can even configure the shortcuts to work.

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