15 benefits and importance of social media advertising

What is social media advertising?

Social media Advertising and Social media Targeting allows you to reach a wider set of audience. It can be done by paying and targeting the audience on the social media platform

Social media Platforms knows the relevant information about the user and serve them with relevant advertisements 


Popular Social Media Advertising Platforms

  1. Instagram
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Snapchat
  7. Tick Tok ( but banned in several countries)

15 benefits and importance of social media advertising are:

1.Increase in brand awareness

nike brand awareness ads

  • Social media advertisement is mone of the most effective way of brand awareness
  • Constantly seeing social media ads  makes your customer familiar with your brand 
  • E-commerce like platforms uses Product Catalog ads to display their products to social media users.  
  • Brands advertising via Social media get 3 times more traffic from new customers

2.Promoting products and serviceadidas product ads

  • It’s easy to showcase all your products and service to customers via social media advertising by using product claim ads, Offer claim ads, carousel ads, and many more
  • Conveying stories via creatives and video ads about your products and services are more effective
  • Can make customers reach the product or the service  page directly with one click on the ad

3.More traffic to your site

more traffic to your website

  • By increased visibility, via social media advertising, your website will get more quality traffic
  • More interaction will happen on your website by Sharing and commenting by the users 
  • Having your website linked with your social media account will get more traffic when you run ads when it is not about your website also

4.Target audienceTarget audience

  • You can target the audience by their 
  1. Demographics
  2. Interests
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Location
  6. Marital status
  7. Places people recently visited 
  8. Places they travel
  9. Life events
  10. Political affiliation 
  11. Pages they like 
  12. The app they use and more
  • Every social media platform knows about its audience so it’s easy to find the target audience for your products or service
  • This saves your money and gives better results compared to other traditional marketing services

5.Retarget audienceretarget audience

  • One of the best tools in the marketing industry is this retargeting option in Social media
  • Retargeting works by keeping a list of people who visit your site by implementing  Google Analytics and Facebook pixels on our site. When they visit their social media  retargeting service then displays the ads
  • Only a few customers will purchase something on their first visit, retargeting via Social media makes most of the customers to purchase


6.Brand Loyalty

  • When customers view your original contents and your communication with customers it makes you appear more convincing
  • Regularly interacting with customers demonstrates that your business cares about customer satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction gets you to word of mouth and brings you new customers and social media post about your business

7.Go viralviral on social media

  • Sometimes luck will play a significant role in social media advertising.
  • A normal post will go viral suddenly and gets you a lot of sales, traffic more than you expected, that’s the power of social media


8.A/B testinga/b testing

  • A/B testing allows you to present a different version of the same post or website to different people.
  • Social media optimizes the post using AI and bring you results with insights that you can check

9.Can keep Customers updated can keep customers updated

  • Whenever there is an offer, Discounts you can update customers directly with social media advertisement 
  • You can make people land directly on the Discounted page so it will easy for the customers to view your products
  • Can share stories of people use your products or service to make customers more interactive with your social pages


10.Better visibility in Search Engine

  • Whenever people type about your business in search engines with your website your social media profile will also be shown 
  • If your business has a social media listing, there are chances that it will appear among the top search results of a related product or service which will lead to broader visibility.
  • People will go through everything, so having a fully optimized social media presence with more followers and interaction will get you better visibility
  • Seo should be performed to rank your business on search engines and Seo has various benefits and advantages


11.Increase in Leads, Sales, and Signupsincrease leads, sales , signups

  • With increased visibility that comes with Social media advertising your business will get more website signups, leads, Sales and the chance of conversion will also increase
  • If you give the users what there are looking for, they will choose the right call to action

12.Influencers for your brandinfulencers for your brand

  • Via social media, you can find influencers with more followers and you can approach them for a post or video to explain about your brand in their way. this is also a type of social media advertisement
  • Through these influencers, people will get know about your brand 
  • This way acts like word of mouth drives more sales 

13.Direct Communication with Audience

  • Communication directly with your audience with comments or tweets will get more engagements and provide you more social presence
  • You will get feedback from customers and you can give a reply immediately with social media
  • You can see how the audience understand your business by their interaction
  • If some crisis happens you can directly post your thoughts instead of some press conference

14.Measure Success with Real Numbers


  • Social media advertising is much cheaper than traditional marketing
  • No need to show ads to the people who won’t fit in your target audience, In other words, you will be spending money on who is relevant and fits in your target audience
  • In social media advertising, you can experiment with a lot of ad placement and formats 


Call to Action

What are you still waiting for, Go find out what social media advertising can do to your business

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