How To Use Office Mode To Avoid Being Seen On Tinder

Find out how to use Office Mode to avoid being seen on Tinder. Do you know what Tinder office mode is? We explain it here

Do you know what Tinder office mode is? Do you want to avoid being seen on Tinder? Well, with the return to “school” or to the office Tinder has recovered an old tool from the past 2017. It consists of a decoy screen that avoids furtive glances in the office while you are looking for a flirt or love during working hours. A formula with which you can continue using Tinder in the office without getting caught. Of course, if what you want is to avoid running into profiles of your coworkers this office mode will not help you at all, but our tips will.

The key to this office mode is that it camouflages the Tinder tab on your computer (desktop or laptop) so you don’t have to constantly open and close it. And better yet, so that no one can see that you are flirting on your work computer. This way, the tab can stay open as just another tab because it displays content that simulates the follow-up of a project. With graphs, progress data and other details that are very neutral for this area, who would doubt you if they saw this graph on your computer screen? All this while being able to quickly jump between the screen with profiles that can be swiped left or right. Everything is close at hand and relatively protected.

How To Activate The Office Mode To Not Be Seen On Tinder

At the moment Tinder has only talked about the return of this function that already appeared in 2017. But not how long it will remain active. So use it before it disappears. If you have doubts about how to use the office mode to avoid being seen on Tinder, just follow these simple steps.

The first thing, as is obvious, is to use Tinder in the web version on your computer. Just open the Internet browser you usually use and type the Tinder address in the navigation bar. If it is the first time you use it, you will have to log in and identify yourself as a user with the usual credentials: Google, Facebook or your email. With this you will see on screen the computer version of this app for flirting, where you can go from profile to profile giving likes or dislikes to the rest of the users.

Well, now that you have Tinder on your computer, you just have to follow these steps to use the office mode:

  • Once you are on the desktop of Tinder web look at the buttons in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the briefcase icon to transform the screen image and hide it behind graphs and tables of a supposed project you are managing or consulting.
  • Click on Close when you have finished disguising and you can go back to answering messages on Tinder or search for a partner freely. No prying eyes of colleagues or bosses hanging around the office.

This way you will be relatively safe during these short periods of time. Very useful for occasional concealment or to avoid a “caught”. However, the recommendation from Tinder itself is not to abuse this function. In the end, this screen helps to disguise, but it is not entirely credible for all types of jobs and offices. And, if everyone sees you always looking at the same data, the thing will lose effectiveness and you may be discovered. So use Tinder’s office mode very sparingly. It may still be more intimate and private to use it on your mobile, on a smaller screen.

The only problem is that Tinder’s office mode is part of the dating app’s back-to-school campaign. In other words, its presence is likely to be temporary. So take advantage of it while you can, especially the first few days of back to work now that telecommuting seems a thing of the past. Although this Tinder office mode can also be useful at home if you don’t live alone. You know…

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