How to view the QR code of my WhatsApp account from iPhone? – Scan profiles

Learn how to view the QR code of my Whatsapp account from iPhone. In the settings you will see the QR icon, which is used to add contacts to WhatsApp, all you have to do is tell the other person to let you see the QR code, and from the same QR section on your iPhone you can scan it.

It is also possible to scan a QR code from an image, you will notice that next to the ‘Scan’ option is the ‘Photos’ icon which allows the user to browse gallery in order to find and scan a QR code image.

How and what do QR codes work in the WhatsApp application?

The main function of QR codes in WhatsApp is to add contacts directly, the most common is to share it between family and trusted friends, as QR codes do not expire unless the holder resets it, which causes that at some point other people can scan it and add you to their contacts for unknown purposes.

Similarly it is always recommended to configure the privacy of WhatsApp statuses, groups, and all in general, for the purpose of filtering unknown users, this applies to all social networks, since the function of QR codes is similar in most.

Where to look for the WhatsApp code on an iPhone mobile?

The WhatsApp QR code on an iPhone is found in the QR icon, located in the settings, in iOS system phones is a little longer the procedure to find it, as in Android it is found directly in the profile, similarly the function of a QR code is the same for all operating systems.

What are WhatsApp settings?

The settings are the settings where the user can customize an application or a device according to their needs, in the case of WhatsApp for iPhone you can find it at the bottom represented by a gear icon, and on Android by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

An example of this is that you can customize WhatsApp notifications by going into the ‘Settings’ option if you have an iPhone or ‘Settings’ for Android users. This way you can decide on a notification, for messages, calls, group chat, and even an individual ringtone for each user.

Where is the QR icon in WhatsApp?

It is very easy to see your WhatsApp QR code, but the location changes according to the operating system you use. For iPhone users the QR code is located next to your profile name which you get to it from the settings by clicking on the bottom one.

On Android it is similar but you must enter the settings from the top, click on the 3 vertical dots and you will enter, you will notice that just like on iPhone the QR icon is located right next to your profile name.

How else can I search on models later than iPhone 6S?

On iPhone 6s models and of course newer or higher versions, it is easier to enter the QR code option, as you don’t need to enter the app to do so. Learn how to do it as follows:

  • Press and hold the WhatsApp icon on your home screen.
  • Several options called quick action menu will pop up.
  • Choose the ‘My QR Code’ option and you’re done.
  • An important thing to know is that in addition to offering your QR code to be scanned, you can also scan QR codes using the quick access method, on iPhone 6S and above.

How to modify or change a QR code in WhatsApp?

When the term change or modify QR on WhatsApp is mentioned, it refers is to reset, as WhatsApp offers this option to users, by doing so the shared code will no longer be valid, and now you must use your new code if you want them to, in order for people to add you. To do this you just need to:

  • Open your WhatsApp application and go into the settings or configuration.
  • Click on the QR icon located next to your profile name.
  • Drop down the options at the top and click on ‘Reset’.
  • Confirm the changes and you are done.
  • An important thing to know is that if you have shared a QR code in a WhatsApp group or on a social network, people will no longer be able to continue using it, they get a message that the QR code is valid, this is because it has been changed by the owner.

How to share a QR code on a social network?

It is very easy to share a WhatsApp QR Code especially because it is an image, you have the option to take a screenshot and then send the image to a social network chat. Even better from your mobile you can do it directly. Learn how to do it in the following way:

  • Open your WhatsApp app and go into the settings or settings.
  • Click on the QR icon located next to your profile name.
  • Drop down the options at the top and click on ‘Share’.
  • Widgets of your installed applications are displayed.
  • Choose WhatsApp to send it to a contact or the social network you want.
  • Click on ‘Send’ and that’s it.

An important thing to know is that when sharing a QR code from the same WhatsApp application, you can make modifications and customizations before sending, including cutting, adding dynamic stickers or favorites, texts, you even have the freehand tool, so you can draw whatever you want.

Similarly if you have problems viewing the QR code of a WhatsApp account from iPhone, do not hesitate to consult technical support in order to solve any type of error related to the QR function.

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