How to use a Tinder passport for free in 2024

Do you want to use Tinder Passport totally free? See how you can do it

Tinder is one of the most popular applications to meet people and find a partner. Among its functions is the Passport that allows you to change location to meet people from another place. A function that is usually paid but now we tell you how to use Tinder Passport for free.

The Internet has transformed many things in society, including the way to find new friends and romantic partners. Some 39% of couples met online last year. Dating applications like Tinder have become a success thanks to its ease of use to expand the circle of friends, meet people, even find the perfect partner without leaving home.

Tinder already has 4 million subscribers and on dates such as Valentine’s Day increased by 23% downloads of the application in the Play Store. The free version of Tinder allows you to find people similar to you according to the location where you are, that is, people in your area. If you want to expand your horizons, change your location and meet people from other places, you need to use the Tinder Passport feature, which until now was paid.

Now you can use Tinder Passport for free for the whole month of April! To use Tinder Passport for free you just need to have the latest version of the Tinder app on your cell phone. The company has returned, like last year, to give a free month of this feature to all users and those who download the app on the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic.

Free Tinder Passport allows you to change your location quickly and easily. This way, borders disappear and users can meet people from anywhere in the world without leaving home.  Last year, Tinder Passport opened for free during the month of April and 1.4 billion users were matched on the application.

The day with the most matches was April 24, 2020, with a record 55 million. Matching means that two users “liked” each other’s profile and could then start conversations through the chat window. Many of these users shared their match on TikTok through the hashtag #tinderpassport where more than 70 million views were counted.

If once you have tried Tinder Passport you like it and want to keep using it, you will have to subscribe to the premium Tinder Gold account.

How to match with people from other places

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If you already know how to use Tinder Passport for free in the application, we will now tell you how to match with people from other places to take advantage of this virtual “passport” offered by the platform.

Open the Tinder application and click on your profile icon. Then click on “Settings”. Now you must scroll down and click on “Location”. Now you just have to choose the city or place where you want to meet people, the maximum distance (km) and the type of person you are looking for including their age range.

Then you can start matching with people from those places. You can change places as many times as you want, just keep in mind that if you have shown interest in someone from that location and you change to another city, users will find your profile only up to 24 hours after the change of location.

Among the most popular places in Tinder Passport are Madrid, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome, or Tokyo. Meeting people from other places can be very interesting to get to know new cultures and customs. It can also be a good opportunity to chat and learn or improve new languages.

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