How to know if someone has a Tinder in 2024

Have you ever wondered: How to know if someone has a Tinder? Well, here are the answers

Whether it’s because you don’t trust your partner too much or just gossiping with a friend (or partner), it’s easy to be curious to know if a specific person has a profile on Tinder. But how do you know if someone has Tinder? Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have the option to directly search for a profile. But there are a few ways you can try to find out if someone has an account.

How to find out if someone has Tinder in 2021

Create a Fake Tinder profile

To answer the question “how to find out if someone has Tinder”, the idea is that you create a new profile. You can create an alternative one or make up a fake persona. What you put in that profile is the least important thing, since the idea is to use it simply to try to find that specific person. So, if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to fill in the information.

Adjust the Reach rate and location of the Tinder

The next step to follow has to do with the geographical location. In the settings, try to set the radius in which you know that person lives. This way, you will be able to have a much closer fence and you will be more likely to find the person in question.

To change the geolocation of your profile, you will have to go to the settings within the application. Remember that the minimum range you can set is two kilometers. But in case you know that the person you want to look for does not live that close to you, you will have no choice but to set a slightly wider range and let them move.

Narrow the circle by limiting the Age on Tinder

The next thing to do is to set an age range. If you put only as a range the age you know that person has, it will not be necessary to meet hundreds of people you find in the application. Therefore, the process will be much simpler.

Once you have all this preparation, you just have to go through the different profiles to see if you find the person you were looking for. It is a task that can be quite tedious, although if you have restricted the range to the maximum, a slightly smaller number of people will appear. And this way it will be much easier to find who you are looking for.

And limit the number of likes if you have a Tinder free

When searching, try to reject all the candidates, since in the free version of Tinder the number of likes is limited.

If the person you were looking for appears, you will already know that this person is on Tinder trying to find a partner.

How to know if my partner has Tinder

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Of course, there is also the possibility that, no matter how much you have tried to approach the range of the person you are trying to find, this person does not appear. In this case, you will not be able to give an answer to the question of how to know if someone has Tinder, and stay totally calm, since it may be due to one of the following causes:

  • This person is at a greater distance than you have determined.
  • The person has entered a false age that does not match the one you have entered in the search.
  • This person has the account hidden, so they are not visible but still using the chat and accessing their matches.
  • He is using the application through a paid Tinder Gold account. The paid version has more privacy options, so even if you’ve entered all the necessary points to find her you probably won’t be able to find him. In fact, avoiding being found when you don’t want to is one of the reasons to pay.
  • Finally, you may be able to rest easy because that person does not have a Tinder account.

As you can see, there is no 100% sure way to know if a person has a Tinder profile or not. But you do have several options to try to find out in a relatively simple way.

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