Is it possible to search for someone on Tinder?

Is it possible to search for someone on Tinder? We answer that question in our article, and we give you the keys to find who you are looking for.

Tinder does not have a specific option to search for profiles. But is it possible to search for someone on Tinder? Or what is the same, is it possible to search for a specific person on Tinder? We give you the solution in this article. In principle, you can only search for people who have previously matched you. But if what you want is to know if someone has a profile on this application or connects directly with a specific person, you have some possibilities at your fingertips that can be very useful. And no, there are no tools and applications to search for someone on Tinder, such as Tinder-Detective or similar solutions.

Using the Facebook address book

One of the functions of Tinder that can be very useful is the synchronization with Facebook, which allows us to know if someone we have on Zuckerberg’s social network has an account on that network.

Of course, for us to be able to find that specific person, it is necessary that he/she also has his/her profile on the matchmaking network synchronized with his/her Facebook profile. If this is the case, finding him/her and starting a conversation or simply finding out if he/she has a profile is quite simple. If not, contacting that person can be slightly complicated.

Is it possible to search for someone specific on Tinder?

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The second option to find out if it is possible to find someone on Tinder is a bit more tedious, but also more practical. As you probably already know, Tinder works by location. Therefore, if it is a person who is near you, you will simply have to adjust the distance and age range in which he or she is located. This way, he/she should appear in the list of candidates.

If your intention is not to stop until you find that specific person, we recommend that you reject all the people that appear. Keep in mind that the application, if you use it in its free version, has a maximum number of likes you can give. Therefore, if you keep adding different people you may have to stop using it before you find the person you are looking for.

The Google play Trick

This trick will not help you to find the Tinder profile of a specific person. But it can be useful in case you need to know if that person has a profile or not on the dating app. If you go into the application’s ratings, if the person you are trying to locate has rated the app, you will already know that he or she has used Tinder. Therefore, you can use either of the above two methods to try to find him or her.

Of course, we all use many apps that we don’t rate at any point. In that case, the easiest way to try to find out if that person has downloaded Tinder at some point is to ask them to lend you their phone. In the list of downloaded applications in the Google Play Store, it will appear if they have ever downloaded it, even if they have deleted it. As this platform is only available for mobiles, it can be an easy way to elucidate this.

Ask if you have Tinder

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This last option may seem very silly, but at the last minute, it is the most useful to know if a person has an account on this platform. There are people who do not like to say it, but there are other people who have no problem telling.

In case the person you are interested in talking to confesses to you that he is on Tinder, contacting him will be as simple as looking for each other with one of the first two methods mentioned above. Or you can directly get in touch with other less complicated methods such as WhatsApp. Many times talking is how people understand each other and things are simpler than they seem, so it is not necessary to complicate your life too much.

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