Tinder: How to know who liked you in 2024

If you are looking for love in 2021 we have something for you. Tinder: how to know who liked you. And it is better to flirt with half the work done.

The Tinder application has many tricks and details that you may not know and that can pave the way to meet that special person or, at least, to meet new matches. And one of those keys is to know how Tinder works: how to know who liked you. This way you will know quickly if you will have a match or not, and you will stop wasting time scrolling through profiles in the application without having a clear answer. But is it possible to know who has liked you and can you find out without having to pay Tinder Gold? We tell you about it in this article.

How to see who likes you on Tinder 2021

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There are two official ways to know who likes you on Tinder in 2021. That is, who has given green heart, I like or like your profile in this application. One of them is to find a match. Of course, here all doubts will have been solved. You already know that when you get a match on Tinder it is because the other person has already liked your profile. So when you return this like the match is created. But there is another quicker and more direct formula.

This second official way is the “I like you” option offered by Tinder itself. Just go to the Star tab to see the profiles that have already liked yours. Of course, they appear blurred unless you pay for Tinder Gold, the paid subscription of this application

How to see who likes you on Tinder

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The direct option to see who has liked you or knows who likes you on Tinder goes through the star tab. Here you will see the blurred photos of other users. Does it help you to recognize who they are? When you click on any of them you will see that the Tinder Gold subscription window is displayed, with the price and the possibilities offered by paying to have access to all this privileged information related to your profile.

Unfortunately, there is no formula or trick that bypasses this prohibition today. Although several users post hacks or ways to bypass this limitation on the Internet, Tinder is always updated to protect itself and avoid these tricks. So we’ll save you the time of trying to bypass the blurring of photos with Google Chrome browser or other tricks. Tinder is well protected.

How to see who likes you on Tinder for free

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Although Tinder blocks hack, tricks, and formulas that some users and experts devise to see which people like your profile, there is a key that does not fail in this application of flirting. And we must not forget that Tinder seeks to unite people who like each other. So there is a key that can not protect: show you the profiles that have already liked your profile. But there is a trick.

Tinder tends to show you among the cards those users who have already shown interest in you. However, the more you open the distance radius in your profile settings, and the more you use the application, the more filler profiles with other users that have nothing to do with you Tinder will introduce in its selection.

So, the best thing to do is to reduce the distance radius and not use Tinder every day. This way, when you use the app again, you will find a higher percentage of profiles that have already liked your account. Not all of the first profiles you see will be a guaranteed match, but if you like these profiles after a few days of non-use and with distance limitation you will find more matches than usual. After all, if you had no matches Tinder would be useless. And its creators know it well. So they end up giving users part of what they want.

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