How to block someone on Tinder without a match

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You’ve met your ex on Tinder and you’re panicked. You don’t want him or her to see you, and that’s why you’re wondering how to block someone on Tinder without a match or even a word. Does this situation sound familiar? You may have come across a similar one while swiping left and right to find love or a flirt on Tinder. Well, here we give you the answer so you know how to block someone on Tinder in all its aspects. Whether you have started a conversation after a match or if you are trying at all costs to prevent them from seeing your profile. This is what you should do.

Well, you should know that Tinder wants its application to be safe, reliable, and comfortable for all users. That’s why it has a reporting option when interacting with different profiles. Of course, it is different when you want to undo a match than when you want to report or block someone without a match.

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If you are looking for what to do or how to block someone on Tinder without a match, you should know that there is no option as such. Your only recourse will be to use the Report function. It is a drastic decision since you will put in check the presence of that contact’s profile. Although if your choice is to not want to see him/her again, you will never be able to take advantage of this Tinder feature. However, when you press the Report option you will have to choose one of the different actions for which you do it: fake or Spam profile, inappropriate messages, inappropriate photos, inappropriate biography, underage user, offline behavior, or “there is someone in danger”.

Simply scroll down the profile information to read the description and scroll to the bottom. Here you will see the option Report to… This brings up the pop-up message with the different options. Choose the option Fake profile/Spam, and then the option “I’m not interested in this person” to get what you are looking for: this person will be blocked without even making a match. With this, you will not cross paths with this user again, since Tinder will never show him/her to you again. Whether or not that person keeps their profile active after the complaint will depend on other factors.

However, you should know that if that profile appears on Tinder, it is likely that you have already appeared before. There is no formula to know if someone has seen you on Tinder, so either you close your profile and use it carefully, or you risk running into your ex or whoever. Reporting the profile will prevent you from having any kind of interaction, but not from not meeting each other on the app previously.

How to block someone on Tinder

Of course, there is an option to block a Tinder user with whom you have already matched. You don’t have to break your head over how to block someone on Tinder, you can do it easily from the conversation itself.

Actually, you have two options. The basic one is to undo the match. If you do this from the three points of the conversation, Tinder will understand that you do not want to have a relationship with that person again. And, just like that, you will break the link and prevent the profile from appearing in front of you again. This is a basic blocking option that works particularly well.

But if this person has made advances on different levels, you will still have the option to Report this profile. It will be the same as without making a match, and you will have the possibility to bring this user to the attention of Tinder managers. Thus, you can report the user for Spamming or being a fake profile, having taken the identity of another person, having violated any of the rules and terms of use of the application, or any of the other options. The match is automatically dissolved and that person will not contact you again. At least through that same profile.

How to unblock someone on Tinder

How to Unblock Someone on Tinder

On the other hand, if you have rethought things and want to know how to unblock someone on Tinder, I have bad news for you. It is not possible to unblock a user on Tinder. And is that, if you have pissed you off, has behaved badly or simply the situation has ended in a complaint within Tinder or in a match undone, the relationship will be terminated Forever.

In this way, when a match is denounced or undone, Tinder separates the paths of those two profiles forever. Just by creating a new profile and being lucky enough to match again, it will be possible to meet the person you blocked or reported. It’s leaving too much to chance, so you’d better think twice about reporting them before doing so. There will be no turning back.

What happens if you report someone on Tinder

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to distance yourself from someone on Tinder. On the one hand, there is the option to undo the match, which we already know will serve as a block, but what happens if you report someone on Tinder instead of removing the match? Well, the answer here is a bit more complex.

Tinder is based on rules so that the user community feels safe and can meet other people freely. And for that to thrive there are reporting tools and a team, human and robotic, to ensure all this. So, if we use bad words in the description or try to upload pornographic photos, the profile will be banned or the content removed. But sometimes the system has failures, that’s why there is the reporting tool.

When you report a user on Tinder, you are calling attention to that profile so that those responsible for the application review what perhaps the algorithm has not found. Or even analyze if it is Spam or is making bad comments in chat. If so, the profile could be blocked so that the user does not continue to do his or her thing. In other words, the final consequence of reporting someone on Tinder could be their expulsion, after review, of course.

That is why, before denouncing cheerfully or with the sole purpose of not meeting a profile, you should think about whether it is not too selfish on your part. If he is not behaving badly, it is possible that you will make him lose his matches, relationships, and so on. Do not report if it is not strictly necessary.

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