How to avoid being seen on Tinder

Are you wondering how to avoid being seen on Tinder while flirting on this app?

Maybe you have a partner and you are looking for something else on Tinder. Or you are simply embarrassed to resort to this application to flirt, although it is so widespread and normalized. Be that as it may, if you do not know how to not be seen on Tinder, here are several keys that you want to know to go as unnoticed or unnoticed as possible in this social network. And, although the idea is to find someone, we do not always want others to find us.

How to use Tinder Anonymously

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If what you are looking for is how to use Tinder anonymously, you should know that there are ways to hide the application, your profile, and its details. Of course, it is laborious and you will have to create a new Facebook or Gmail account. And that’s because giving an answer to how to not be seen on Tinder is a lot of work. Much more than using the application on a regular basis. Here we tell you the formulas that you can apply.

Create a fake Facebook profile:

When you log in and create an account on Tinder, the dating application will ask you for some credentials. Well, you can use a secondary Facebook account that you have forgotten or create a completely new one from scratch. In it, you can indicate false data such as age and name. And so, when you log in with these credentials on Tinder you can create a profile that has nothing to do with your real person. Of course, to create a new Facebook account you will need a new email account or use one of the temporary online email services such as Temp

Create a fake Gmail account:

the other alternative offered by Tinder when creating an account or logging into the dating service is to use Google credentials through your email account. Well, repeating the Facebook formula, it is possible to create an alter ego that has little or nothing to do with us to avoid being caught on Tinder.

Use a secondary phone number:

there is another formula so that your Tinder profile is not associated with you, and that is by registering an account with a different phone number. With this, you will be able to create a Tinder profile that does not relate to you at any time, without being able to cross phone and profile data. Of course, you will have to disguise your profile if you don’t want to be recognized.

Cut your photos:

this is usually a compelling reason to take a no to your profile and is that a Tinder without photos would not make any sense. But you always have the option of uploading fake or cropped (headless) photos to avoid being recognized. But keep in mind that if you do not show something curious it will be difficult to attract people.

Hide your presence on Tinder:

The Tinder application has an interesting resource for those who do not want to be discovered on it. It’s called Show me on Tinder, and it’s a function that we can manually turn off so that it doesn’t show up in the pile of profiles that this app shows to other users. That is, your profile will not appear to other users. This function is designed to keep talking to your matches but so that no one else discovers you. However, keep in mind that people who have liked you will see your profile. But the rest will not. So you can use Tinder for a while and, before leaving the app, go to Settings and deactivate Show me on Tinder. That way you will have used the app and no one else who gossips will see you.

Hide the application:

if you do not want anyone to know that you use Tinder you better hide your activity inside and outside the application. If you already know how to hide your presence in the app with the previous tips, now you need to know how to hide the application on your mobile. A very useful formula so that no one catches your Tinder icon among the other applications. Just go to the settings of your Android phone and look for the Privacy section. Here you will find the option Hide apps. Each mobile works in a different way, but follow the instructions to create a security code and choose which apps you do not want to be displayed in the mobile app drawer. The process will tell you how to recover these apps that are hidden so that no one else knows they are on your mobile or that you use them.

Tinder without Facebook

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We have already explained how to avoid being seen on Tinder using a fake Facebook account. But if we do not want to go through this process we can also skip the registration and use Tinder without Facebook. And you must remember that any data such as name or age that you have registered on Facebook will automatically pass as is to Tinder to avoid deception with years or names. But how to access Tinder without Facebook? Well, through the rest of the formulas offered by Tinder.

The most comfortable and direct alternative is to use our Gmail account. That is our Facebook account. This way we can register our Tinder profile without Facebook. But we will be linking our Google data with the dating application. So it is possible that details such as name or age will be transferred from Google to Tinder. Keep this in mind before registering in this way.

The most anonymous system offered by Tinder to avoid having to use Facebook or personal data previously stored in other services is the phone number. This way we only have to confirm the data to start using Tinder. No names, photos, or links of any kind. Of course, our number will be registered. So you may prefer to choose a secondary number or less publicly linked to your person.

With any of these ways, you will have access to the registration and use of Tinder without using your Facebook account. This would mean being completely linked and leaving traces of your time on Tinder or the possibility of being searched or any information from Facebook that may appear on the dating app. It is not usual but if you want to hide you better use other ways to leave no trace. And, of course, check very well the personal information and photos you post on the dating app. Or you will end up being caught by someone around you. Who doesn’t use Tinder nowadays?

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