How to Find out if a match was canceled on Tinder

Has one of your matches disappeared on Tinder and you don’t know what happened? We show you how to find out if a match has been canceled.

“Match on Tinder disappears”, “Tinder deletes a match”… When you start talking to someone on Tinder one of the most feared things is that they cancel the match without warning. But there may be something worse, and that is that they do it without us noticing and we are left waiting forever. How to know if you cancel a match on Tinder? Or what is the same, how to know if a match has been unmatched on Tinder? Well, it’s easy, if you follow the information we give you in this article. You will not doubt the other person’s interest in you.

Luckily, there are some ways to find out if someone has canceled us to move on and continue looking for someone who interests us.

A match has disappeared from Tinder in 2021

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The easiest way to find out if someone has canceled you is to see if they are still listed in your matches list. If, although the person no longer interacts with you, he/she still appears there, he/she has not canceled you. They simply have their reasons for not communicating with you.

On the other hand, if he no longer appears on that list, it may be due to one of two reasons. The first is that he has decided to delete his account on the platform. In this case, it is nothing personal, they have simply decided to stop using the service.

But if that person does not appear in your list of matches but continues to use the service, it is a sign that he/she has decided to cancel the match with you. It a probably not a very elegant way if he/she has done it without telling you, but it is hardly something you can reverse.

What if all my matches have disappeared?

“All my matches have disappeared from Tinder overnight”. In the case that all your matches have stopped appearing, it is unlikely that they have all been canceled. It’s more likely that it’s a small glitch in the service that you can try to fix only.

If you see that none of your matches remain, you can choose to log out and log back in. If it is a small bug, the match will probably reappear in a matter of seconds.

In case none of your matches are still not appearing, we recommend that you contact the Tinder service to get a solution as to why it is not working as it should.

How to know if someone has deleted your account

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As we have mentioned before, when someone stops appearing in your list of matches, it is either because they have canceled your match or because they have decided to delete their profile. But, which of the two options has happened?

Tinder profiles are private. This means that you can’t search for someone specific unless they are on your match list. Therefore, making sure if someone has canceled your match will not be an easy task.

The only way to do it would be to create a new account on Tinder and try to see if he/she reappears as a candidate. If this is the case, you will know for sure that they have canceled your match even if they are still using the application.

But the reality is that he may not appear by chance. Unless you have found him with an alternative account, there is no way to be sure that someone has decided to cancel you.

In any case, the first thing you have to do is to think about whether it is worth it. Whether someone has decided to cancel the match or deleted their account, the only clear thing is that they no longer want to have contact with us. Therefore, as much as it hurts, probably the most comfortable thing to do is to move on and keep looking for another person who wants to have contact with us.

Although Tinder can be a very useful application to meet people and even find love, the reality is that rejections are common in this type of applications and we have to get used to the fact that that person who seemed so wonderful at some point may decide not to continue talking to us.

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