How to avoid contact on Tinder | Every method Explained

Would you know how to avoid acquaintances on Tinder so they don’t discover you flirting on this application? Here we tell you how to do it.

Flirting on Tinder is becoming more and more widespread. Surely you know many couples who have met through this application for flirting. However, when you do it in places with few people… how to avoid acquaintances on Tinder? How to avoid your friends in town, your colleagues at work, or a family member catching you with a profile on this application? Well, until now you could only hide your identity in the profile or block the app from working. However, in 2021 Tinder has a new tool to avoid meeting people you know on the dating app.

This new feature is called Block contacts, and it is a very smart strategy on the part of Tinder. On the one hand, because you will have to offer the contacts in your address book to the dating app. And on the other hand because, in this way, you will have a manual and effective way to block certain people in a much more concrete way. A high price to pay but it can be worth it. Especially if you are preventing your partner from catching you using Tinder.

To use Block contacts you will only have to update Tinder to the latest version of the application, in which this feature has already appeared. Make sure you have updated the Tinder app by going through the Google Play Store if you have an Android phone, or through the App Store if you have an iPhone. Once you have done this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tinder.
  2. Go to your profile tab. The icon on the right, at the bottom.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Block Contacts section.
  5. Here click on the Import contacts button and grant the appropriate permissions to Tinder to access your phonebook.
  6. Mark all the contacts in your phonebook that you want to block on Tinder with a single tap. You will be able to select in bulk.
  7. Click on the Block X contacts button.

And that’s it. With this, Tinder will be able to cross-reference data and make sure that it does not show you profiles of blocked contacts. Remember that to create your profile on Tinder you had to provide your phone number. In this way, and taking advantage of this data, you can tell Tinder not to show you those people. And this is how to avoid acquaintances on Tinder. Of course, this function is more useful for you not to run into them. Although Tinder may show your profile to those users if they do not do the same.

How not to show me on Tinder

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On the other hand, if you are not interested in how to avoid contacts on Tinder but how not to show yourself on Tinder, things change. Here all measures should focus on hiding your identity in the profile. There is no magic formula that allows you to indicate to whom you want to show yourself and to whom you don’t want to show yourself within this application. Therefore, privacy is fundamental here.

Our recommendation, although it is the most extreme measure, is to create a fake account. To do so, you can also create a fake Facebook profile with a temporary email service. This way, you can give it the name and age you prefer, different from yours, so that no one can associate you with that fake profile. Then register on Tinder taking advantage of this fake Facebook profile so that this data appears in the dating application.

Of course, you mustn’t be recognized in the photos. Otherwise, you will have uncovered the cake. Use detailed photos in which your photo does not appear. But also do not show characteristic clothes, tattoos, or recognizable places such as your living room in the background.

With this, we warn you that it will be a little more difficult to get matches. So take advantage of the description to launch a powerful and attractive message that will get some likes. And that’s it. This is how not to show yourself on Tinder.

How to avoid being seen on tinder

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However, if what you are looking for is that no one sees you on Tinder, but without deleting Tinder, there is a special formula. Here’s how to avoid being seen on Tinder: and the best thing is that it depends on the application. Follow these steps to find out how to hide on Tinder.

You will need to log in to Tinder and click on the monicker icon to go to your profile. Here you will find the Settings section. Well, once you have reached this point scroll down the screen until you find the Show me on Tinder tool. You will only have to disable this function to stay hidden and avoid being seen on Tinder.

This is a tool that blocks your appearance on other users’ card swipes. It is as if you were not on Tinder. You will not appear to anyone as a profile to like or block. However, keep in mind that the activity on Tinder is maintained. You will be able to review the matches you have achieved and, of course, have conversations with those people. But you will not be visible to other users. It is the perfect plan to keep in touch with matches already made or keep a low profile if you do not want to delete your Tinder account.

How to block someone on Tinder without a match

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There is no formula on how to block someone on Tinder without a match. At least officially. However, there are a couple of resources you can take advantage of to do so. One of those resources is the new tool we told you about before. If you have the contact of that person you don’t want to avoid, you can always block him or her on Tinder so that he or she never appears to you. But what if you don’t have the contact in your address book?

In that case, the only thing you can do is to report the profile once you come across it. Tinder has several options when it comes to reporting an account, preventing that person from appearing again, even before making a match, but without the need to block their profile. To do this, when you come across this profile, click the three dots in the upper left corner and choose the Report option. Now, among the options that appear, choose the Fake profile/Spam option, and then the option I’m not interested in this person. With this Tinder will know that you don’t want to have an affair with him or her. And, by scrolling it to the left, you will never meet that person again. It’s as simple as that.