How to check the speed of my Windows 11 PC network card?

Find out how to check the speed of my Windows 11 PC network card. The network speed is a data that we must take into account if we want to perform any activity that requires a certain value of connection. It is the one that allows our connection to the Internet, taking as a reference the type of adapter we use. The connection speed depends both on the cable used for the connection and the characteristics of the network card.

A network card is the device that allows the connection between our fixed or mobile equipment and the internet, there are many types of network cards, some more advanced and of greater capacity that allow a higher connection speed.

There are different ways to check the connection speed between our equipment and the router and to be able to configure it to improve our connection, in addition it is advisable to adjust our online security to achieve a safe, protected connection and with greater privacy.

What are the methods that exist to see the speed of your network card?

If we use the Windows 10 operating system we have the advantage of having several integrated functions, as well as the possibility of installing third-party programs, which offer us the option to improve our experience with the computer.

In relation to network cards, these functions allow us to check if the drivers that are found are the right ones, if they are compatible with our operating system or make the configuration of a network in Windows.

The details of the network card can be visualized using the operating system functions or using an external program, in this way we will know the type of card and the connection speed with which it is configured.

Viewing it from the control panel

The first option to visualize the details of our network card, is accessing from the control panel in our device, to do it we entered in beginning, we acceded to the control panel of windows, then we entered in the option of center of networks and shared resources.

At this point we enter the left panel and select change adapter settings, a new window will open where the current adapter will be displayed, double click on it and we can see the details of the connection including the speed.

With the Windows 11 configuration

Another way of knowing the details of our connection, is entering to the configuration of Windows, to do it we must enter in the menu of Beginning, in this menu we enter in the option internet and network, a window will open where all the information corresponding to the connection will be shown.

In the left column we locate the option state, and then in the option of properties. A window will open where all the options will be shown, including the connection speed and the current adapter.

Using Windows PowerShell

An option also valid, is to use Windows PowerShell which is integrated by different commands, which allow to access and to administer information of the system, to use it we must enter to PowerShell, this we can do it entering in the magnifying glass of the bar of tasks and writing Powershell.

Once it appears we enter and wait for it to load, once the course is ready we enter the following command: Get-NetAdapter and hit enter, it will show the description of the interface you have in your computer, your WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth cards, with the name of the connection, the description of the interface, the status and the connection speed.

From the ‘command prompt

Another way to see our connection speed is from the command prompt with the CMD commands, to do this, we enter start and search for command prompt, there we enter the command ipconfig /all and hit enter, it will show all the network cards that are installed.

As well as the details of the LAN card, Wi-Fi and any other that is installed in the computer, we can also view the default gateway and we can access the router to change any configuration.

How to see the speed of your network card in the network settings?

We have already presented the different ways to visualize the configuration and properties of our connection, but there are other ways to show the speed of the network card, in this case we talk about showing it from the network configuration option in our computer.

In the network and shared resources center

To access the network and shared resources center, we will look for the Internet connection symbol in the task bar, this is located in the lower right part of the screen, we select it and the current connection and the network and Internet configuration option will appear, we click on it and the configuration window will appear.

We look for in the menu that is shown in the left part the Ethernet option, we enter in this one and then in the option to change options of the adapter, a new window will open with the network cards that we have in the equipment, we double click on the network that we are interested in visualizing we will be able to obtain the details of the connection including the speed.

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