How to know if your message has been read on Tinder

How to know if your message has been read on Tinder? We answer this question here. Of course, you may not like the answer…

It has happened to you more than once and twice: you are having a nice conversation and one of your messages stays there in the conversation. No response. Time goes by and you only have doubts: did he/she read it and ignore me? Did he/she uninstall the application? What happened? Well, if you are interested in how to know if Tinder has read your message, the best thing you can do is soak up these tips and information to know the solution. You may not like the answer, but at least you will know how the dating app works.

How to know if you’ve been read on Tinder

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Tinder’s history with message read confirmation is, like long relationships, a bit of love and a bit of hate. The app doesn’t always seem to have been clear about showing the sent and read check on a message. After what seemed like initial tests, it was soon removed due to user complaints. Something that, as happened in WhatsApp, raised blisters among those users more jealous of their privacy. So finally disappeared this feature. But, then, how to know if you have been read on Tinder.

The dating app tried again in 2019, but with a more commercial approach. It was with the arrival of its new more complete payment plans, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Thus, users who paid to use Tinder could check the status of their sent messages. However, this is not maintained so far in all versions of Tinder. Therefore, there are formulas to know if you have been read or not, but few solutions:

They don’t Answer me on tinder, double-check tinder, the solution is on the computer.

Yes, there is a check or double-check Tinder to find out what has happened with the messages of your match. However, we have only found it in the web version of Tinder. This is where we can see, after the first message, if the other person follows the thread. Of course, for this, you will have to be subscribed to one of the paid versions of the application for flirting. So if you have doubts about whether they have seen your first greeting and have moved on from you, go to and log in to review the chat.

The first and most reasonable thing to do is to review the conversation – was it a hurtful comment? Was there any tension? Maybe a joke that could have been misunderstood? It doesn’t always happen, but it’s a good idea to know if the message didn’t deserve to be replied to.

Then review the user’s activity. Many users do not pay or avoid displaying activity information on the dating app. This implies showing if they are recently active on Tinder or if it has been several days since their last connection. It is the most reliable and valid information you will find to know if they are ghosting you or simply avoiding your messages. You can see the activity by clicking on the conversation, right between the name and the profile picture.

Tinder reminds the user that there are pending matches and messages. Both by notifications and visual indicators. So it is difficult for someone to miss a pending message received. If after a few days you don’t get a reply on Tinder, don’t expect to double-check or more notifications. You probably won’t get a reply ever. It’s time to swipe again.

I don’t Receive messages from Tinder

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Another different issue is that there is some kind of technical problem that prevents you from receiving messages on Tinder. It is not common, but it can happen. Sometimes the service and the application do not work too well. The solution is to check that there are no pending updates in the Google Play Store or App Store, depending on whether you use iPhone or Android. It may be that some update comes loaded with the solution. So check the app stores and install the latest version of Tinder.

Another option is that your mobile or your Internet connection is failing. In this case, the best thing to do is to turn it off and on again. Both your mobile, which will close processes that may be open in the background creating some kind of problem with Tinder, and the router, which may have suffered a problem. Thus, you may now receive messages that were pending as a reply.