How to change location on Tinder for free in 2024

You can flirt with people from other countries on Tinder without paying for Tinder Passport. Here’s how to do it

Are you going to travel this summer and want to prepare the ground first? Are you tired of always seeing the same profiles from your area or city on Tinder? Don’t you know how to change the location on Tinder for free, without spending a single euro? Well, you’ve come to the right tutorial. Here we are going to show you step by step how to fake your location on Tinder. And you will do it without spending a single euro. Of course, we will focus on the version for Android phones, as it is the easiest option and puts less at risk the integrity of your mobile to carry this out. So you can flirt in other cities or even countries different from yours but without spending money on an expensive subscription.

How to change the location on tinder

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First we must know what Tinder Passport is and how it works in this app for flirting. It is the standard function that comes in Tinder to be able to flirt in other places on the planet. But, obviously, it is not a free feature. At least not for most of the year. And the fact is that Tinder has been giving this feature to all users for two years during this Coronavirus pandemic during the month of April. Months of confinement in different parts of the planet that have kept people locked in their homes. In order for them to continue using Tinder and for the population not to feel so lonely and isolated, Tinder offered Tinder Passport completely free of charge.

Instead, the rest of the year you need to buy a Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus or Tinder Platinum subscription to be able to use it.

Once you have one of these subscriptions or have taken advantage of one of the offers, you just need to go to your profile tab on Tinder to change the location. Go into Settings and select a different city under Discovery Settings. And that’s it. Now you will only appear to and you will see people from that place on the planet you have chosen. The only negative is the payment. But you can easily avoid it with an Android phone.

How can I change the location on Tinder for free

Well, if you are wondering how can I change the location on Tinder for free, we have to know that we can’t use Tinder Passport. Either we pay, or we virtually change location. That is, to change the location on Tinder for free we have to make our mobile think that we are in a different place. In this way it will pass the falsified location data to Tinder, which will place your profile in that place. This way you skip the Tinder Passport function and any requirement.

To change the real location of our mobile we need an application that helps for this purpose. It was created for app developers to test how they work in other places or to simulate these location changes. But you can also use it for this purpose. It’s called Fake GPS Location and you can find it for free in the Google Play Store.

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Once you install it, and when you start it for the first time, Fake GPS Location will ask you for some permissions to start working. The most important thing is that you activate the developer settings on your mobile and use this app to fake your location. Just go to the mobile settings, enter the phone information section, and press 10 times on the build number quickly. This brings up the developer menu, where you will find the option: Select application to simulate location. It is in the debugging section, and you must choose the Fake GPS Location option so that everything is set.

And that’s it. That’s it, now the most fun is left: change the location of your mobile so that Tinder thinks you are somewhere else:

  1. We open Fake GPS Location and choose the specific place on the map by moving with your fingers. Press the Play button to start working.
  2. It confirms with a notification that the fake location has been created. You can also check Google Maps to pretend you are there.
  3. Go to Tinder and start viewing profiles in that area.
  4. Once you are done faking your location go back to Fake GPS Location and click on the square stop button. Everything will be back to normal.
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