How to match on Tinder without paying

Don’t know how to match on Tinder without paying for a subscription? There are several tricks that we explain here

The pandemic has made flirting even more complicated, leaving us Tinder as the main exponent to meet new people safely. But, how to make a match on Tinder without paying? Why has it become so difficult to flirt on this app? Maybe it’s because of the competition, with more fish in the sea it is more likely to get more matches or that people are more selective. So is it worth paying Tinder Gold? We are going to tell you a couple of tricks to make matches on Tinder without paying a single dollar.

And the first thing is to check, undoubtedly, your profile. You may think that the problem is the rest, but perhaps the rules of the game have changed and you need to update the image you project, reviewing the content you leave in view of all those people with whom you might have a conversation. In the end, Tinder is a showcase and, even if you don’t want to be one with the norm, it’s time to differentiate yourself but following some very clear criteria.

Photos and more photos: 

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We live in the age of visuals and everything that can be shown is welcome. So do not hesitate to plant at least four photos to show different situations. Of course, take care of this content. Check the focus and definition, the framing, and what you show. Think that you are posting a photo on Instagram so that it looks bright, clear, and shows something of your context. If you have a “good” body, show it off. If you dress well, show it. If you’ve traveled a lot, show it. You may find yourself recreating a generic profile but, like Instagram photos, these still collect likes and attract attention. This way you’ll attract more audience and, presumably, more matches.

Make a difference: 

Nice photos are all well and good, but if you’re looking for quality over quantity, you also need to make a bit of a difference. After you’ve uploaded a few good-looking photos (no red-eye wedding photos or photos of the wedding band), it doesn’t hurt to upload some animation. Tinder has had this feature for some time now. It’s like an Instagram Stories boomerang, with constant movement. You can record it from Tinder itself in a few seconds. Make a seductive gesture, make a smile, or a natural look. A gesture that represents you and that shows in movement what is seen in the other photos. Remember: light is your ally.

Don’t overdo it with the message:

Tinder also has phrases and descriptions that help give a touch of meaning and context to the visual maelstrom that can be your profile. Take advantage of it. But keep in mind that you’re looking to be liked and get matches without paying the Tinder Gold subscription, so generalize, but don’t mess it up. Talk about likes, use some phrase not too well known or bombastic and take advantage of your witticisms. But be careful with humor and comments that can be hurtful. And avoid a cocky attitude. If you show off with the photos, don’t do it with the text or people will ignore your profile.

Don’t explain everything in your profile description:

¬†Generally, the most complete profiles are those of the most desperate people. Those who think that investing a lot of mental effort in this point will offer them more matches or the relationship they are looking for. Well, I have bad news: it’s all down to Tinder’s algorithm. Take advantage of this text to capture the attention of those who, in addition to enjoying your photos, spend a second reading your profile. A funny (not a joke) or witty phrase can be key for them to slide you to the right. Don’t explain everything about yourself. Show yourself a little mysterious and invite them to talk to you in addition to sliding. Some information like saying that you have a dog or that you have abs, but you have lost them somewhere, can help. Remember that if you are looking for matches you have to look for the maximum number of available users. So most of them like you. You will have time to spoil it in private.

How to know who has liked you on Tinder

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There is a trick on how to make a match on Tinder without paying for a plus, premium, or gold subscription. And it is to play it safe. But How to Get More Likes on Tinder without Paying with him or her if you have not paid? Easy: by hacking the Tinder algorithm.

Tinder works on an algorithm that, supposedly, learns about your likes as you like or swipe profiles. In this way, it trains itself to present you with more suitable profiles. But of course, when you are limited to a certain area and a certain number of profiles, what happens? The problem is not only this, but Tinder can trick you into thinking that its paid version is necessary to get matches. And, in fact, paying means getting more matches. Even if these do not translate into conversations or quality relationships. That’s why you have to be smarter than this algorithm.

Tinder, like slot machines, wants you to stay on the app as long as possible. Therefore, the less you use it, the more it will present you with related profiles or people who have liked you. So that you stay and keep using it thinking that the next match is just around the corner. Even if it’s a lie. So when you stop using the app for a while you will first be shown potential matches. It’s a difficult situation to maintain, but keep in mind that stopping using Tinder for a few days can have this reward. And without spending a single euro.

How to get Tinder premium, gold, or plus for free

Tinder Without Paying

There is no secret formula on how to get Tinder Premium, Gold, or Plus free forever. But there are trial periods and offers you can take advantage of Huawei, for example, has launched several months of free Tinder Gold just for downloading the app from its AppGallery store and entering a promotional code.

But it is also possible to subscribe to these payment plans, consult your doubts thanks to its possibilities and quickly cancel the subscription. This is not a process with guaranteed success, but it is likely that services like Google Play Store will return the payment after clarifying that there has been an error with the purchase process. Although, as we say, it is not the most advisable if you really want to keep your money with a full guarantee.

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