How to change the Xbox S and X series background – Customize your console

Find out how to change the Xbox S and X series background. Customizing a computer is one of the first things any user likes to do, no matter if it’s a phone, a PC or a particular console.

Xbox users do not escape from this desire and that is why Microsoft has created a number of options to customize the Xbox console, either by changing the wallpaper or the theme inside it. If you have a console and want to make this kind of changes, today we will show you what are the steps to follow. 

From where can we look for the image that we will put in the background of the Xbox?

To change the background image of your Xbox console you have several options. Just as there are several sites to download wallpapers for mobile and PC, you also have download sites for your Xbox, although it is always recommended that you do it directly from the official Xbox website. You also have the option to search for it on the console itself, and we explain it below. 

Inside the console

Within the same console of your Xbox you can get wallpaper and theme options. You can opt for own images of the configuration or choose screenshots of games and games won. To place it just follow the steps below. 

  • From the drop-down menu of your Xbox go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Enter the category called ‘General’ and then press ‘Customization’.

Once in the customization window you have to go to the ‘My color and background’ option. From this menu you will be able to see the settings and choose from the options presented to you to change the background of the screen to a specific color theme, gradient or even mobile. 

From external storage

Another option you have is to use an image previously downloaded and saved in an external storage such as a USB pendrive, just the same way you download games. To do this you have to connect your external drive to the console, go to the ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Customization’ tab.

Then you will have to choose the option ‘My color and background’ and from there select the image from an external storage. Click on the image you want to place, press the ‘A’ key – choose ‘More Options’ – ‘Set as Background’ and that’s it, you will have your new image on your Xbox.

On the Xbox ‘Wallpapers’ page

The Xbox Wallpapers page offers you the best variety of images and backgrounds. To opt for them you have to go to the website, choose the background you want and download it. However, the only way to transfer it to the console is by means of a USB drive, you will have to save the image you downloaded on it and then connect the drive to the console and select it from there. 

What is the way to modify the background of an Xbox ‘S’ and ‘X’ series console?

Modifying the background of an Xbox ‘S’ and ‘X’ series console is quite simple to do. You can do it quickly by going to the configuration menu. This is really the only way to do it, so we show you each of the steps you need to follow, below.

  • Entering the console configuration panel
  • Enter the configuration menu of your console.
  • Locate the option ‘General’ then select ‘Customization’ and culminate in ‘My color and background’.
  • In the background option you can choose for an image provided by Microsoft, images from games or screenshots of games you have previously won or you can also select an image from a USB drive connected to the console. If you want to place an external image, remember that it must be in NTFS format.

What other modifications can be made besides changing the background of the Xbox?

From the settings menu you will not only have the option to change the background of your Xbox, but you will also have the possibility to change other aspects, such as the background color, you can choose accent colors and mosaics or choose a dynamic background that you find fun. We will show you the best way to do it.

Choosing the color of console accents and tiles

  • You must enter the configuration menu of your console.
  • Locate the ‘General’ option, then select ‘Customization’ and culminate in ‘My color and background’.
  • Choose any color of your preference and press ‘Save’. It is important to know that the color you choose will not only change the background of the console, but it will also affect pop-ups and notifications, so you have to choose a color that will not bother you when playing. 

Setting dynamic backgrounds

From the same ‘My color and background’ menu you can get a series of dynamic backgrounds that often go along with the color and theme you have selected to customize your Xbox. Dynamic backgrounds tend to move; however, you can opt for one that changes color depending on the time of day.