How to unlock ‘secret’ iPhone emojis that no one else can have?

Emojis have become a language widely used by everyone and when there is news that some new ones appear it is normal that anyone wants to have them.

If your mobile device is iPhone you must already know that it has a list of emojis that are practically hidden, but today we will show you how to get them out of this secret folder where they are located so you can add them to your chat conversation. 

What are the hidden emojis that iPhone devices have?

The hidden emojis that iPhone has are located inside the keyboard itself, they are simple figures created from typographic symbols. Do you remember the first emojis that were used made with punctuation marks? Well, these are the same ones. Although they are not used so often, everyone understands them and you can even use them in social network publications. 

How can I enable the function of the hidden emojis?

The quantity of these emojis in the iPhone phone is variable, what we can tell you is that there are a lot of them. But for example you can count on the simplest ones as they are: (-.-) and (=D). You will also find more elaborate models which, believe it or not, are very expressive. To get them you just have to follow the steps below. 

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the ‘Settings’ menu of your iPhone.
  • Then go to the ‘General’ option, select it and then ‘Keyboard’, select it as well. 
  • Within the Keyboards tab you will select the ‘Add a new one’ option.
  • You have to select the Japanese one and then the one that says ‘Kana’.
  • Press ‘OK’ and the keyboard will be saved. 

After activating your new keyboard, you just have to start using it but for that you also have to activate it in the chat. To be able to carry out this step you will probably have to disable the emoji predictive of the iPhone keyboard, although this will be indicated by the phone if necessary. For now, just follow these steps to use the new keyboard. 

  • Enter a chat room or any medium where you have to use the keyboard. 
  • On the keyboard you will find a globe icon located at the bottom left. From there you can select the previously activated Japanese keyboard. 
  • Now you must press the white icon on the keyboard and then the reverse arrow located on the right side of the keyboard, in an upper band. This will make appear all the emojis that you have at your disposal. Press the one you want to use and that’s it. 

What applications can I install on my iPhone to have more emojis?

If the emojis you already have on your phone are not enough, you can have the option of downloading applications that help you to have more, not only in typographic symbols but also those that we normally activate in WhatsApp. Among the recommended applications are the following. 


Emoji> is an application highlighted by iPhone that has an infinity of emojis, which can be shared between Apple users. Apart from having emojis, you have the option to change the keyboard theme, place images and use phrases with cursive letter typologies that you will surely love.


Bitmoji is another application that is available for both Android and iPhone, meaning that you can share emojis with other non-iOS users. This app not only brings its own emojis, but also allows you to create your own and customize them as you prefer. You can use the normal ones, as well as those created in any social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. 

Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney Emoji Blitz is not just an application to create emojis, it is rather a game in which you have to match the emojis with the Disney characters you find. As you level up you will be able to have more emojis.

The good thing is that you can use them on your phone, you just have to accept the authorization that the game asks for, then enter any chat that opens the keyboard, press the globe on the left and select ‘Disney Emoji Blitz’ as the keyboard, after this you can use the emojis without any problem. 

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