How to stop saving Instagram videos and photos on your Android device?

With the use of Instagram today uploading photos and videos to the platform, you can find some details that will not be problems for many people but for other users if, this detail is to save your videos and photos automatically in the gallery of the device.

However, there is a way to save space on your phone by avoiding the automatic saving of Instagram files, here you can find out how to stop saving Instagram videos and photos on your Android device.

How to change photo saving settings on Instagram?

Instagram offers many different and useful tools for each function, these include Stories, posts in your Feed, Reals, Saves, among others. There are also options to share your photos, videos and any other content on other social networks.

A widely used Instagram tool is to save photos automatically when viewing a publication, since it is a default feature included when installing the application, below you will see how to avoid this and thus choose the content to save manually.

Photos taken and published in the application

As mentioned above, the Instagram application has by default in its system the function to save all the photos taken and published on the platform, with this procedure you can disable this function and thus save space on the device:

  • Enter the Instagram application and in the bottom menu of the screen go to the profile picture of your account.
  • In the tab of your profile click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes and in the panel that will be displayed click on ‘Settings’.
  • Then click on the ‘Account’ option and then on ‘Original Posts’, this option can also appear as ‘Original Photos’.
  • In the next tab you will see the option ‘Save original photos’ where you can enable or disable this option, in this case you should disable it by sliding to the opposite side.

Photos received by private message

In the chats you have in your Direct, of which you have been sent some photos or videos will not be automatically saved, if you want to save any to store them in your gallery you must do it manually as follows:

  • In the Instagram app go to your Direct and select the chat to which the photo or video sent belongs.
  • When you locate the photo you want to save, you must press and hold the photo for a few seconds until three options appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘More’ option and the ‘Save’ option will appear, click on it once and you will notice that it will be saved in the device’s gallery.
  • Photos of published stories

There is the default setting to save Instagram Stories photos, to enable or disable this option, go to Instagram as if you were going to upload a Story. At the top you will see three options, click on the gear/nut icon, then click on ‘Story’ and then ‘Save stories’ to gallery’. In this tab you can choose to enable or disable the feature.

How to delete downloaded Instagram photos from my gallery?

All photos on instagram which have this setting active are saved by default in the gallery of the device, which are stored in a folder depending on whether they are photos or videos, to delete this type of content there are two ways.

Deleting an album from the gallery

To delete an album from the gallery on an Android device go to the device menu and enter the Gallery application, find and select the Instagram album where your photos or videos are and press and hold the album for a few seconds.

When you do this you will see a trash can icon or the word ‘Delete’ (depending on your phone or gallery model). Finally, tap on ‘Delete’ and in the small verification prompt confirm the action.

Delete specific photos from the gallery

If you do not want to delete the entire album it is possible to delete one or more specific photos without deleting them in their entirety, to do this go to the gallery of your phone, find the album that belongs to Instagram and then select the photos you want to delete.

At the bottom you will see the figure of a trash can or the word ‘Delete’ click on the option and only the previously selected files will be deleted.

How to save a specific Instagram photo to the gallery?

It often happens that while using Instagram you see a photo of a friend, family member, celebrity or any other person that has caught your attention and you want to save it to have it stored in the gallery of your Android device. In the following procedures you will learn how to save a specific photo from this platform.

Download photos from Instagram

Currently the Instagram platform does not have a function to download a photo or video but you can take a screenshot or use an application that allows you to download the content from Instagram. Another way would be to copy the link to the photo and open it in another tab to save it.

Downloading photos from a private message

The private message section has two options for photos, in case of sending an Instagram post you must use a screenshot, if not and they send you a photo taken with the camera or from the gallery of the device of the person who sent it to you you can download it this way:

Hold down for a few seconds with your finger on the photo and click on ‘More’ Then click on the ‘Save’ option and you will have your photo downloaded to your gallery.

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